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  1. Immergeil

    Tsukasa Aoi

    Name: Tsukasa Aoi Date of Birth: 1990-08-14 Height: 163 cm (5'4) Measurements: 88/58/86 (cm) Hometown: Osaka Blood Type: O Hobby: Playing with stray cats Special skill: Is able to instantly determine if you are a cat or dog person. Life and career Early modeling and TV career Born in Osaka...
  2. Immergeil

    Chiyo Koma (小間千代)

    I think this one might have some potential, I hope some of you think so as well. She only started this year so there isn't that much available yet. Date of Birth March 16, 1991 Blood type: AB type Hometown: Hyogo Prefecture Size T: 162cm: B: 88cm W: 59cm H: 89cm Hobby: Tourism and baseball...