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  1. asianbooblover

    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere- but just read will be out of business as of next January. Does anyone know of a site that regularly has previews of their movies? I know javlibrary does have some, but I really rely on previews before I download.
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    When an actress's segment from one of her movies is used in one of these numerous compilation videos, is she paid for the use of that segment for that compilation video? I would guess not, but would like to hear what other more knowledgeable members say
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    Tatstes in JAV

    Wondering how have your tastes in JAV changed over the years? For me, initially,often fooled by great looking covers only to discover that the content was not nearly as good(for those movies where there was no preview)...also, in the beginning, if they had huge titties I was downloading, only to...
  4. asianbooblover

    Help with this please

    For once, this is not my lack of JAV knowledge shining through...I have been asked by a new member who claims he cannot post yet, to get some help identifying this Idol and maybe the movie it is usual, I have no idea
  5. asianbooblover

    Please help me...once again

    Just downloaded this video LUNS-106 and would really like to know who the idol is on the cover..she also appears in LUNS -032...I have checked R18 and javlibrary with no luck..if you can help, much appreciated
  6. asianbooblover

    Once again- identification help needed

    Incompetent as always, here I am again looking for the name of the idol and maybe the movie this came from. I have searched and know in the past I had a copy of this movie somewhere, but cannot find it. Same old story line, hubby not interested in poking wifey, so she masturbates, but...
  7. asianbooblover

    Is Ryoko Really Back?

    Just saw this on R.18- looks like Ryoko Murakami is back!!! Praise the lord!!!!
  8. asianbooblover

    Ok..Ok.. I admit I'm inept

    This is from a recent post but for the life of me, cannot find it again. anyone know who this is and the movie it is from? I promise not to ask for another identification for a while, Thanks.
  9. asianbooblover

    Level the Playing Field

    We've all seen hundreds of cuckold videos where the hapless husband/boyfriend loses the wife/girlfriend to some stud, usually a friend or co-worker), how about leveling the playing field and have the husband/boyfriend catch the wife/girlfriend fucking some other guy and getting revenge? Maybe he...
  10. asianbooblover

    Directorial Influence

    I have always wondered just how much influence a director has in a JAV movie. I can imagine he meets with the principals and discusses the basic plot of the movie.. but after that, does he let the actors take it from there for each scene..does he sometimes stop the action during a scene if he is...
  11. asianbooblover

    SHE'S BACK!!!!

    For all you Ryoko Iori lovers, it seems like she is back, as I found this on Javlibrary- yippeee!!!!
  12. asianbooblover

    Who is this please!

    Found this movie after quite a while ,ARM-025, and have always wondered who this sexy little idol is who starts off the movie. There are only 2 in this movie Sakiko Mihara and this unidentified actress. Would love to know who she is..listed on one source as Aoi Kamijo? Found some titles on...
  13. asianbooblover

    Husbands in JAV

    While certainly not an original thought, and I must admit, something I expressed in another just struck me while watching another "nagae" style video , that men or maybe husbands in general really take a beating in this genre. They are tiny-dicked, boorish, uninterested and most of...
  14. asianbooblover

    Who Is She?

    This woman is the first one you see on always, I should know who it is, but am clueless. She give a really nice BJ to start this 4 hours video off. Any help would be appreciated-thanks
  15. asianbooblover

    Must Haves..No Questions Asked

    Just wondering..which idols do you download without having to see a preview of their movies... you know, no questions asked..just automatic..for me, I would have to admit that old standby Yumi Kazama is one..yes. she has gained weight over the years, but she still rings my chimes just about...
  16. asianbooblover

    Who Is This?

    Found her on MMIX-022...I know I have seen her before and even downloaded some of her videos, but for the life of me, cannot come up with her name..please help before I go crazy..thanks
  17. asianbooblover

    Please help me once again

    Here I am showing off my ignorance once again, but found this the other day on a a website.. I know that I know her, but cannot think of her name,,if you have the time, please identify for me-thanks
  18. asianbooblover

    Probably Just Me

    Before I continue, let me stress..this is just my opinion(I'm sure many will disagree),but I think they have done the "Missed my Train and shared a hotel room with my boss" ad nauseum., C'mon, find another series to dwell on, you've done this one..granted, I don't have to download or even look...
  19. asianbooblover

    Natsumi Kitahara

    Thanks to fred olin for providing subs for Natsumi KItahara's JUC-192...does anyone know if she did any other anal films?
  20. asianbooblover

    Son Fucks Mom

    For all you mother/son incest lovers, I found this clip and would love to know who the actress is and the name of the movie it came from, if you know. A short scene where mom, dad and son are sleeping in the same room. Sonny(I assume) crawls over to mom, and proceeds to fuck the daylights out...
  21. asianbooblover

    Is Fumie Back?

    Just found this on, and looking at the cover wondered- is that Fumie Tokikoshi? Sure enough it is!!! The release date is new, but could this have been shot before or is my favorite back in the business? Oh, I hope so...
  22. asianbooblover

    Mako Oda

    Has anyone else noticed that after years of playing the put on woman who is forced to have sex by son-in-laws, husband's bosses, etc, that lately she is the aggressor in her latest movies? How nice to see finally! With titles like the one below- I for one could not be happier!
  23. asianbooblover

    Seen This Position Before?

    Once again, I will display my JAV ignorance, but wondering if you have seen this position on the attached jpeg. I first saw it in an Anri Okita movie, and I think one other time although I don't remember the title. The woman has the guy on his back and is holding up one leg while forcing her...
  24. asianbooblover

    Women Director's in JAV

    Thanks to ramp_it_up's tip on Itsuki Ayuhara's other performing name, I am downloading DANDY-617. Interesting to me, at least, is the fact that the director is listed as Margaret Hashimoto- a woman. Are there many in JAV that you know of? If so, do they take a different approach in their films?
  25. asianbooblover

    Turn Around

    Anyone who has seen their share of cuckold JAV, has seen the same old scenario... husband and wife are in bed and she is horny and does her best to interest hubby. He of course want no part of it and rolls over. Or. he does fuck her but cums very quickly and then rolls over afterward. Sound...
  26. asianbooblover

    Familiar Theme- New take on it

    Mother/son incest is a familiar and often repeated theme in JAV- which I might add I really enjoy. Usually it starts with a reluctant mother giving in to the repeated advances of the horny son, driven to madness by her voluptuous body. But, I recently downloaded NUKA-25 "Sex starved mom and her...
  27. asianbooblover

    Jusat an Obervation nd Opinion

    You have got to love a JAV title like this- no pretensions or messing around: Please Fuck The Shit Out Of My Wife 4 Housewives Who Got Passed Around Like Pussy Meat In Front Of Their Husbands Special Edition Please Fuck The Shit Out Of My Wife 4 Housewives Who Got Passed Around Like Pussy...
  28. asianbooblover

    Yumi Kazama Title

    Just wondering if anyone can help identify which Yumi Kazama movie this is from. The clip is very bad quality and she has made maybe hundreds of mom videos, but I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  29. asianbooblover

    VR on a Mac computer

    Still new to VR and have a question. Is there a relatively inexpensive pair of glasses to view VR on a Mac laptop? I have read about Vive, but my budget will not allow that. Anything that you know of would be appreciated.
  30. asianbooblover

    Mom is the aggressor

    Unless i am mistaken, the norm in the incest genre is where mom is fondled and attacked by sonny while cleaning and doing the dishes. Eventually, she gives in to passion and responds. I just downloaded a Maki Tomoda title- URE-056, where to my surprise she initiates the action by rubbing up her...
  31. asianbooblover

    Chisato Shouda Blowjob

    I have inquired about this with a couple of forum members, but am throwing it out to anyone who may see this post. I had a clip of her at one time from one of her movies(cannot remember the site where I found it). The clip has her on her knees giving a guy standing in front of her one of her...
  32. asianbooblover

    Japan mom son forbidden urges

    Sorry- here I am again with another movie request. Found this on another site- another mom/son incest clip. But I think this is from a mainstream erotic movie and not JAV. It is very erotic, with no dialogue-basically the clip shows the mother seducing the son while the father looks on rather...
  33. asianbooblover

    Ayako Satonaka

    Hi- I found this clip on another site- I think it is Ayako Satonaka, but I would like to know what movie it is from. I check, but could not find a preview that matched this scene where she and her son have hot sex and 69 and she goes crazy on this cock. Any help would be appreciated...
  34. asianbooblover

    Where Are They?

    I think I am going through Hitomi Enjoji and Ryoko Iori withdrawal. I have not seen any new titles from them in a while. Please don' tell me they have retired- please!
  35. asianbooblover

    Japanese Superman?

    Not normally a Hitomi Tanaka fan, but downloaded PPPD-788- I Summoned A Succubus And Then She Possessed My Big Tits Big Sister-In-Law. While she is really good in this role and a true nymphomanic, the guy who stars with her is amazing. I don't know if they double dosed him with Viagra or what...
  36. asianbooblover


    Those of you who have used this site- had any problems with your credit card being hacked? I used to be a customer several years ago, but had my card compromised during the period I used their services. Not saying it was them, but I would like to hear any other users experiences with them. I'm...
  37. asianbooblover

    Who is she?

    Okay- last time this year I ask for help- I promise. Who is this actress and what movie is it from? I would appreciate the help very much. She is really hot. Also, I would like to download it from its original source as it plays fine online, but I have problems when playing back the downloaded...
  38. asianbooblover

    Happy Holidays

    A quick message to wish all Akiba members a happy holiday season, however you celebrate it. I hope Santa brings you whatever you desire. I already asked for Fumie Tokikoshi wrapped in a big red ribbon under my tree. Unfortunately, he said he doesn’t procure.. oh well.
  39. asianbooblover

    Hot Wife Fucked Very Hard

    I found this clip on PornHub of a very sexy idol as the title suggests being fucked very hard. I would love to know who she is and maybe the title of the film it comes from. Would very much appreciate the help if possible. Thanks.
  40. asianbooblover

    Hot Wife Gets Extreme orgasm

    I have seen some pretty crazy things in JAV, but none crazier than this clip. In it, some woman has some sort of electrical? dildo shoved in here while her husband watches her scream wildly in orgasm, and I mean wildly. I would love to know what film this is from. The video quality is pretty...
  41. asianbooblover

    Idol from Jukujo Club 7881

    Once again, I would really appreciate someone's help on this identification. She appears in Jukujo Club or Wife Club 7881- very busty and sexy. I have checked most of the online sources and can find the download, but not the name of this actress. Any help would be appreciated.
  42. asianbooblover

    Mature Enjoys DP

    Some identification help. please. I found this clip on a site called It is a japanese milf getting dped, and from what I can understand, liking it very much. Does anyone know who the actress is, and if possible the movie it came from. Thanks very much for any help here is the...
  43. asianbooblover

    Non-Participating Male Actors

    I have always wondered whether those male actors who play the tied up husband in the "Raped in Front of Husband" series, get the same pay rate as the actors who are actually having sex on screen? Same thing for the wimpy son whose friends rape his mother. It would seem like easy money just...
  44. asianbooblover

    Is it the JAV star or the Director?

    Excuse me, I may have asked this question on this forum once before. But, I would like your opinions on whether great performances are due to the lady involved or the director's directions? We have all seen even the top performers just going through the motions in some films, almost like they...
  45. asianbooblover

    Titties and Push Up Bras

    We all have our fetishes- one of my favorites is seeing titties hanging outside a push up bra. Usually some guy has taken them out to suck on them. I think the look is so sexy. Hitomi Enjoji is a prime example of this, as it seems she does this in every one of her movies- as I have displayed...
  46. asianbooblover

    Reiko Yamaguchi?

    I found this clip on another site- a mother in law raping her son in law while who I assume is the wife, looks on.. Just wondering if this is Reiko Yamaguchi or not, and the movie this is from. I have included the URL below and a snapshot- the segment I am referring to starts about 5:40 in. It's...
  47. asianbooblover

    Who is this sexy lady?

    Ok- I come to you again with hat in hand, begging my much wiser colleagues for an identification. I found this on a tube site. Basically, the clip starts with this idol on the phone and later she is on the couch in some very sexy lingerie and has obviously been masturbating with a dildo. Two...
  48. asianbooblover

    She Won't Stop Sucking

    Can you identify who this and maybe the movie it is from? She won't stop sucking on this guy's cock even after he cums. Reminds me of he Asami Ogawa EBOD film of several years ago, Thanks.
  49. asianbooblover

    Mio Kimishima

    My God!!! how much can one woman get boinked? how many movies can one woman make?
  50. asianbooblover

    What Is Sexy?

    Curious to know what makes an idol sexy to you? Is it looks, attitude? For me, it is more an attitude than looks. There are lots of actresses who have great bodies, but do nothing for me. I guess the best example of attitude is the mature category, where many of these women would never be...