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    Hime-chan no Ribon

    Has anyone seen this show before? How good would you say it was? The premise seems interesting to me, but at 61 episodes I am questioning whether I want to start it or not. Here's a group who presumably took the DVDs and ripped them, providing all 61 episodes raw in a 15-gigabyte package...
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    Bad Sportsmanship

    Suppose there are two people, A and B, who agree to play a friendly game of chess together. As the game opens, it looks as though the players are evenly matched. Gradually, the game shifts towards Player B's favor. In the early middle phase of the game, Player A discovers that one of his...
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    Error Made in Merger of Threads

    Someone on the staff has decided to merge and/or splice threads together which offer the same magazine, comic, movie file, etc. While this may benefit the community in the long run, there are some kinks which need to be worked out. Kinks I'm not sure the staff member who is doing this is aware...
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    I wasn't sure where to post this, mods. I just finished watching the film Kisaragi and I have to say ... wow, what an amazing film. It was like watching one of Oscar Wilde's plays were it on steroids. Amazingly well-written, amazingly well-executed mixture of comedy, drama, and mystery. And...
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    Final Fantasy statistics, Searching for

    I tried Googling these this morning with no luck. Thought I might try asking if anybody here knows where I might find the answers to these questions ... 1. What are the sales for each Final Fantasy game? (main series only) Preferably in the form of a bar graph. 2. What are the...
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    Baby Moderators?

    See for why I wrote this thread. When I say "forums" in this post, I am referring to Akiba-Online's various forums. I am not talking about websites other than Akiba-Online. The forums I go to here aren't lacking in moderators. However...
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    Star GIFs?

    I was wondering if the forum software came with a star icon; or if it doesn't, if it wouldn't be too hard to implement it. Why: just for the visual effect of posting :star::star::star::star::star: and seeing instead of saying things like "5 stars" or "5.0" or "5/5", etc. I dunno. Just a...
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    Equality Now, RapeLay, & the American Public

    Walls of text have the nasty habit of scaring most people away. So ... I'll keep it brief. Do you know Equality Now? If not, look them up. Do you know RapeLay? If not, look it up. Do you remember our discussions on Akiba-Online about this matter? If not, look them up via our Search feature...
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    What is your highest degree of education?

    Select the one choice which best describes your highest level of education. Purpose: I thought it'd be fun to see if our figures are similar to those of society-at-large or not; and if not, in what ways they differ. This is not a scientific study. It is non-random. It does not check against...
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    Too Much Info, Girl!

    Someone I know on Facebook updated her status to say (and I quote): Okay, now before you jump to any hasty conclusions, let me keep filling you in with some very important details about this girl. First of all, she had a bad reputation (spread by the other girls in our class) for having...
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    General Discussion boards gone?

    Maybe it's just me, but I no longer see the boards Chatterbox, Anime Discussion, Video Game Discussion, etc. Photo attached.
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    !&^#$^*#&*( Why can't I sort by popularity!?!?!?

    I've looked and looked and looked all over the Pixiv pages for a way to sort images by popularity and I just can't seem to find one. So I've been stuck looking at images in the order they've been uploaded to the site -- a really crummy way to try and find good artwork! Anybody know (a) how I...
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    IRC auto-banned! Why? :(

    [INFO] Channel view for “#DDDDDDDD” opened. [ERROR] Connection to irc:// (irc:// closed. [Help] [INFO] Connecting to irc:// (irc://… [Cancel] === *** Looking up your hostname... === *** Found your hostname (cached)...
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    "I Can't Help You. Sorry!" feature discussion

    One of my pet peeves when I post a request on a forum is when I get a reply from somebody who doesn't know the answer. It's polite of them to have at least let me know that they cared to try for me, but it always gets my hopes up and then dashes them against the rocks -- and that feeling sucks...
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    Wiping the $late Clean?

    This is just a hypothetical for each person to ponder on his own: Imagine if worldwide the people of Earth were to wipe the economic slate clean? Everyone's savings would be transformed to $0. Everyone's debts would be transformed to $0. Lives ruined, lives restored. Imagine if we just agreed...
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    Depression Ends Footballer's Life

    Robert Enke had it all. He was the national goalkeeper for Germany's professional soccer team. He had 45,000 adoring fans. He was married. He had what every guy wants: a means to survive comfortably, a beautiful partner to fuck, and the respect of other human beings. And yet Robert Enke threw...
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    Old Folks' Views on Piracy?

    I need some help from those of you who have lived in Japan for more than 5 years of your life, preferably those of you (if any? O_o) who are over the age of 50. But the youth will do just fine, too. :) There's a nice Japanese grandma I met a few weeks back at this one mom-n-pop store. We are...
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    Kiss x Sis - the Anime!

    Best. News. Of. 2009. Kiss x Sis Manga Gets TV Anime Green-Lit for Next Spring Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! :grassdance: :prance: [POLL] Would you watch a full season of Kiss x Sis?
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    Why do JAVs not have substantial stories but eromanga do?

    You can't say "they don't have a story because they don't need one." That's not really an answer. There are plenty of things which we don't need in life which we have anyway. And you can't say it's because a story wouldn't be appropriate for porn, either, because obviously it is: just look at...
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    America's Struggle with Sexual Expression

    Exhibit A: Americans are fearful of "licentious" material like hentai, video games with sex in them, or explicit sex scenes with full nudity in rated R or PG-13 films. Exhibit B: Americans have no problem selling this at the check-out aisle of every grocery and supermarket in the nation...
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    Ring on the middle finger?

    Asked a girl out today. She had no rings on her hands except one -- on her third finger of her left hand. I asked if she wanted to go get coffee. She said she was in a relationship. ... is there something I should know? Is the middle finger the new fourth finger? Is it the "I'm not married...
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    [RF]はるな愛 - 夏凸凹ラブ♡(AVCD-31665/B)

    I found Haruna Ai's music video for Natsu Dekoboko Love on Youtube; unfortunately, the resolution of Youtube videos is extremely low, even for their allegedly "HD" versions, and I am really wanting a nice 720p (or higher) version of this music video for the purpose of taking some screencaps of...
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    Note: This is a Japanese language thread, not an anime thread, despite the subject matter involved. Hence why I posted the thread here. So, I'm watching the first season of Pokemon in Japanese without English subs. Enjoying it. Don't understand all of it, but that's partly the point. I'm trying...
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    [IDed] レム (Remu)

    I found this the other day and would like to know who drew it, if there are more of these pictures, and if there are then where I can find them. It would be incredible if this artist drew one for each Johto Gym Leader, and even more incredible still if they drew one for every single...
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    Pokémon Heart Gold / Soul Silver

    Brief intro: these games use the 4th-generation Pokémon graphics engine (introduced with Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and also later used in Pokémon Platinum). They are visually-upgraded re-releases of the original Gold and Silver games from 1999 (JP) / 2000 (USA) but with some slight alterations...
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    Blocking threads? o.o

    I have never been a big fan of the Block User feature. I think it flies in the face of everything a message board stands for. We come here to communicate with one another. It's dumb of the blocker whenever he blocks somebody because then he looks like an idiot when the blockee makes posts (or...
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    (TV) ママは昔パパだった

    "Long ago, Mama was Papa" is a six-episode television drama airing in Japan as we speak. The first two raw episodes were uploaded tonight to D-Addicts by one of their forum administrators. I am over halfway through the first of these episodes and I gotta say, this is a touching in-your-face...
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    Classic Bedroom Costumes: which will you choose?

    If you had to pick one costume for your significant other to wear in the bedroom, which one costume would you pick from the following professions? I know there are lots more options, but the question is which one out of these five would you be most likely to pick?
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    I'd love to have sex in a big pool of _________!

    Here's a list of some common fantasies people have regarding sexual intercourse, and they've all got to do with getting dirty in something. Which one would you pick?
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    Maid Make-over!

    From what I could understand, this was a pretty funny piece, but if I got anything wrong, feel free to correct me. The show begins with one of the hosts explaining that they have a stage somewhere else in the studio and, gathering in front of that very stage at this moment, is a collection of...
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    Real-Life Maid Hunting (メイド狩り)

    My computer was on all day yesterday. I was letting it take a break and browsing the internet via mobile phone. I went to Youtube and typed in short simple words for my amusement. 猫 came first, and after watching over ten different cute videos of cats, I decided to type in a new word. メ, イ, ド...
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    Wii Motion Plus

    The Good: not just the device, but the program itself (Wii Sports Resort) is very lifelike under certain scenarios. I was not able to verify this for any other game, but having played much table tennis, I can vouch for the Wii Sports Resort virtual table tennis as being alarmingly lifelike. It...
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    Lessons From The Grudge 6 years later

    1. The only people who still haven't seen this are me and a bunch of guys in Saudi Arabia and South America. We've got two Brazilians, a Colombian, and Chilean on board this torrent! It's a Latin partay! 2. OMFG Misaki Ito was in this film!? XD The Asahi Beer girl! XD Of Densha Otoko (TV...
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    ボイン vs 巨乳

    Just curious. Today I watched an episode of FMA, and in it one of the characters asks: お前、ボイン、好きだろう? Then the other guy answers, 大好きっす、ボイン! And then the word ボイン echoes a few times for comedic effect. I always thought ボイン was just an adjective that was used to describe a girl's big breasts...
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    I Need Help Backing Up PS2 Save Files

    I am playing a game which creates one save file. This one save file contains within it five in-game save files. The limit of save files per memory card is therefore five. I wish to bypass this because the game is quite long and I'd like to have 10+ save files to make for a more fluid experience...
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    What is going on in this picture?

    Load this page. Scroll down a tad to see the full picture. The name of the game reads ユメミルクスリ, which I'm going to take a wild guess at being 夢見る薬, yume being "dream," miru being "to see," and kusuri being "medicine." But the title sheds absolutely no light on this perplexing scene. It...
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    Nisan and Nemutan

    Love in 2-D, an article in the New York Times written by Lisa Katayama. The article talks about Japanese otaku who are so-called "2-D Lovers," men who have given up on finding love with women in the real world and who have fabricated relationships with anime pillows, dolls, or toys instead...
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    Otakon 2009 Fansubs & Industry Panel It's a six-part streaming video. The first four parts are the men talking about different topics, and the second four parts are them answering questions from the audience. Part 5: Q1. Simuldubs, yes please? A1. No. We tried it. Not...
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    Too Many Stickies

    Sticky: new releases July + August 2009 Sticky: new releases September + October 2009 Sticky: Hentai Anime List - By Category Sticky: DO NOT UPLOAD: list - updated Sticky: AGTH TUTORIAL There are five stickies in Hentai Discussion right now. A screen resolution of 1440 x 900 shows only eight...
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    Phantom Stickies

    The problem: people don't read stickies. Part of the problem: people know that stickies are stickies because they see a special image, the word "Sticky" to the left of the thread title, or both. Proposed solution: make it so that stickies no longer look any different at all from regular...
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    Anime Coloring Book

    I made these to help me practice my drawing by removing all of the extraneous information and simplifying characters' designs to their core lines. But I figured that these could be of use to people who have small children or even for the adult who's still a kid at heart and likes to color. So...
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    BitTorrent: IP banning entire nations

    I would like help learning how to block incoming and outgoing connections to computers located within the United States. In general, I would like to know how to do this for any given country (China, Japan, Korea, Canada, what have you). Why? Pretty simple. For certain television programs, the...
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    Cheek bandage?

    I want to know what the deal is with the cheek bandage. I've only seen it in Japanese video games or cartoons. But I've seen it in more than one show/game, and the characters who have one seem to have it forever. These observations have led me to wonder if this is a uniquely Japanese thing; and...
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    The Princess and the Pauper

    The Princess & The Pauper Two beautiful girls who look identical. One is the princess, the other is the daughter of a very poor family who live in the castle town. The two girls meet one day, discover that each is sick and tired of her life, and agree to switch places. The story then follows...
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    Would you watch a full season of Kiss x Sis?

    Suppose they made a 26-episode anime of Kiss x Sis, with the first two OAV episodes being Episodes 1 and 2, respectively. Suppose the pacing within the remaining 24 episodes was exactly the same as the pacing within the first two episodes. Suppose it stuck to the manga just as closely (or...
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    [R]Kiss x Sis (RAW Manga)

    I'm looking for the Kiss x Sis manga in Japanese. Not in Chinese! Not in fan English! In the original Japanese. If you know where I can get it, help me out!
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    Summer Nelson

    one of several news articles Summer Nelson is a 28-year old woman from Idaho who had "sexual encounters" with a 14-year old boy at least four times in the last year and a half. She was friends with the boy's mother and was assigned to babysit him and his younger siblings in the summer of...
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    Hentai Chat

    We've been using the upcoming H-anime release threads of red's for some time to just hang out and catch up on what we've each been watching, reading, or otherwise doing -- so long as it's got to do with hentai. (Mostly.) But in case that's not what we should be doing, here's a thread for us to...
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    Why Law Enforcement Goes For the Small Stuff

    I've seen this sentiment voiced a lot throughout my life: "don't the police have better things to do than to be [doing whatever we're discussing]?" And so I've given it a lot of thought. I'm sure you all have, too. But maybe we've reached different conclusions to the same question. So I thought...
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    "Discussion" doesn't mean "requests," okay!?

    "Discussion" means discussion. First post: E.g. either you post a declarative statement (like "Tentacle hentai is amazing") or else you post an interrogative invitation (like "Tentacle hentai is amazing, don't you agree?") in order to initiate a discussion. The goal is to get the ball rolling...