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    The Akiba-online English Sub Project★NOT A SUB REQUEST THREAD★

    Look like new problem arrise for extracting hardsub with VideoSubFinder now. The "subber" make the subtitle appear in "wipe in" animation & it makes VideoSubFinder can take the Image properly (Sometimes only half or event quarter of the sub appear taken [not when the sub fully appear / midway of...
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    Tutorial OCR Chinese(english) movies hardsub

    is it just me or the total run time of the original JAV vs JAV that have chinese hardsub was different? for example case for SPRD-1454 the original run time is 01:56:10 but the chinese hardsub version run time is 01:55:42. i've try this method to extact the subtitle just now, but there is some...
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    Post your JAV subtitle files here - JAV Subtitle Repository (JSP)★NOT A SUB REQUEST THREAD★

    i've try this method using autosub for a while, but the accuration only arround 40-60% depend on the audio & the bgm (more bgm = more noise = less accurate) :D what i'm curious about is the method that is use to extract subtitle from chinese hardsub version cause sometimes i'm stumble upon...
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    Post your JAV subtitle files here - JAV Subtitle Repository (JSP)★NOT A SUB REQUEST THREAD★

    Hello Guys ! Did someone have softsub for GVG-707 / SPRD-1454 ? I can only found the chinese hardsub version for both of those I'm really curious to about "how to extract" this chinese hardsub to turn it into softsub, any information would be appreciate :D Thank you in advance
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    Her name

    Satou Ayu
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    Help me ID or name ! Thanks!

    Anyone know her name / the JAV Code? Thank you in advance
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    Need help

    Her name is : Yuri Honma The jav Code : Tokyo Hot SKY-316 Video link :
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    Please, who is she?

    Her Name : Wakana Ai The last 2 picture (the second video link) come from JAV : OKAD-414