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    Gravure Japan 2011 Contest

    Please take a second to vote for the youngest finalist of the Gravure Japan 2011 contest: Momo Shiina! 椎名もも ちゃんに投票しますか? (also...
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    We're back!

    Welcome back! Sorry for the extended downtime. There was a lot of work to do and not a lot of free time to do it. We're aware of the frequent 503 and 502 errors, and it's being worked on. Our database was compromised. Although our passwords are stored with a relatively secure hash...
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    Site upgrade to 1Gbit

    Today's downtime brought to you by our upgrade to a 1 Gbit/s pipe at the datacenter. Also made some changes to the networking stack that should results in a more even distribution of page loading times.
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    Malicious script inserted into our site

    Sorry for the downtime, everyone. We suffered an intrusion and had to shut the site down in order to conduct a security audit. It took so long because real-life responsibilities were taking up all of my time. The attacker inserted a trojan dropper into the site. You may have noticed...
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    Lost threads and posts

    Because of some major database problems on the 16th of February, we had to restore a 20 hour old database backup. All member activity on this site (thread posts, edits, private messages, etc.) from that 20 hour window has been lost forever. Sorry. If you lost any of your content please post...
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    364437 Our server, which hadn't crashed once since it first came online, suffered a stroke a few days ago. The BIOS reset itself and some other mysterious hardware errors occurred. Although the fix was easy, troubleshooting took several days because we foolishly asked the datacenter to...
  7. Special rules for this sub-forum

    Hi guys, We're planning some major changes to this "Idol DVD & Bluray Downloads" subforum. The objective is to cut down on the heavy reposting going on in here, and to help make never-before-shared videos more prominent. Our current plan of action is: 1) All videos that don't have a DVD/Bluray...
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    Request for Comments: major changes coming to the Idol DVD & Bluray Downloads section

    Hi guys, We're planning some major changes to this "Idol DVD & Bluray Downloads" subforum. The objective is to cut down on the heavy reposting going on in here, and to help make never-before-shared videos more prominent. Our current plan of action is: 1) All videos that don't have a...
  9. Saaya Irie Sabra Virginal [DVDISO/973MB]

    Finging's original upload was incorrectly ripped, so here is the re-ripped and re-authored fix. Runtime is 15m05s. 362206 362205
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    Japan Goes From Dynamic to Disheartened

    360483 (C) New York Times Any residents of Japan here been personally affected by deflation?
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    Sept. 2010 Security Alert: Adobe Flash / Acrobat / Reader vulnerabilities

    There are two current unpatched flaws in Adobe Reader/Acrobat and Adobe Flash. Your computer can get pwned just by previewing a PDF in your browser or viewing a flash video.
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    Attention content uploaders: always search before posting!

    For all of you that upload DVD rips (.AVI, .MP4, .ISO, etc) to Akiba-Online: we have added two very important new rules. We are swamped with people reuploading titles over and over, and this practice must stop. Here are the new rules: 6. When posting DVD rips or .ISOs, you must include...
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    [IDed] Who is the cutie in COV-073? Nanami.

    Does anyone know the name of this girl, or if she's done other work? I couldn't find her name in the usual locations (eic-book, etc.) (DDL was posted here:
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    meguIV: The Official Akiba-Online DVD Encoder released

    Our one-click DVD encoder has a new release, with some major new enhancements including more detailed picture quality, up to 50% faster encoding speeds, and 25% smaller output sizes. Come visit the thread to download and follow the revised instructions...
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    A new way to insert attachments into your posts

    277232 We have a new image manager for easy insertion of attachment and album pictures. You can insert your attachments (and album pics, too) in either full-size or thumb-size. Best of all, all attachments inserted this way are automatically hidden from the post's attachment list using our...
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    Your favorite Firefox extensions/tips/hacks?

    I'm a long-time user of Opera looking to maybe make the switch to Firefox, if I can force it to do what I want. I've used Firefox as a web development tool for years, but my usage has been sporadic and I've never bothered customizing it the way I want. So far I've found Adblock Plus, NoScript...
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    A warning about RS/MU/HF password phishing

    To owners of Megaupload, Rapidshare, Hotfile, etc accounts: There have been several recent cases on Akiba-Online of people posting links to specially crafted websites that are designed to steal your RS/MU/HF/etc passwords (i.e. "phishing".) Here's how they work: 1) A password stealer...
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    Aaaand we're back

    The problems never end at Akiba-Online. Our motherboard has not been working properly since mid-February, but I didn't figure it out until recently. We got a replacement installed (our third!), and all seems to be normal again. Oops, I'd better not jinx it... :oy: Happy fapping.
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    Moving to a new server this weekend will be switching to a more powerful new server this weekend. This will require a DNS change. That means that the website might be unavailable for you for a few hours/days. Just be patient until your ISP updates it's records...
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    Torrent attachments are now mandatory

    From now on, all new torrents posted on Akiba-Online must be directly attached. If you have a new thread with multiple torrents, you must attach ALL of the torrents. Doing so is very easy, just follow the numbers: Thank you
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    meguIV: The Official Akiba-Online DVD Encoder (v1.0.1.1)

    meguIV \MEH-goo-eye-vee\, noun Specially designed for idol and AV DVDs; meguIV is a portable one-click version of the MeGUI DVD encoder preconfigured with state-of-the-art deinterlacing & carefully tuned presets. Now you can finally see the pimples on your favorite AV starlet's ass. - - - - - -...
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    How do I invite a person to a Social Group?

    How do I invite another user to a public social group? Is this a staff-only function, or can normal users like me use it?