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    Help ID this MILF on SSNI-981

    The main actress is Shion Yumi, but I was really interested in that big titted MILF playing her mother in the movie, anyone know the actress name?
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    Best JAV Idol directory?

    I used to go to: to check on future updates, screenshots and info on my favorite actresses (such as Saori Hara) but it looks like the site is offline now. I've found others on google but they seem to have very limited numbers of stars and very...
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    Any REAL celebrities turned to JAV in Japan?

    I see a lot of JAV titles badly translated to english that imply the actress(es) are celebrities doing JAV. I was wondering if this has really happened in Japan. I don't consider Gravure idols doing JAV one of these instances since it seems to be a path a lot of them take, create a lot of...