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    (Shocking) Transformation thread

    You guys all shocked me!!! :aghh:
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    anyone know this actress?

    Not exactly at all. FC2 is a platform that a person can sale anything they want. For example, you can make video by yourself and sale them on FC2. So, most of vid that we saw on FC2 is amatuer atress who don't want to enter the AV industry officialy. They are just ordinary people and make some...
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    Amazing bouncing pink nips tits. Help please!

    Fuwari Hino (日乃ふわり)
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    Life in JAV industry

    I have heard that in the JAV industry, the hierarchy between characters is very huge. When I watched an interview with Shimiken and Taku Yoshimura, they said that at least, it took more than 5 years for a male actor to become the main character in the movie with a little luck. As a newcomer...
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    What happened to Yuuri Katsuki?

    Shiet! I've known Yuuri Katsuki for just few hours. And I wondered myself: "What the hell that i missed all those years? She's a gem!". She's a kind of girl that attract me in the very first second, although she's not quite perfect.
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    Name of the 1000GIRI girl

    Thank you guy. I totally agreed with you. I found that her name in some uncensored movies is Yukina Tooyama (遠山雪菜), and there's nothing more. But I still believe that with this kind of face and body, she's more than an amateur.
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    Name of the 1000GIRI girl

    Hi everybody, I've watched this movie today. I had quote interested in the girl in this movie. But I can't find her name. So, if anybody know her, please let me know. I will very appreciate! Here is some informations about this movie: Label: 1000GIRI Full movie...
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    Something about Japornxxx

    I've known this label recently. You can take a look at Japornxxx ( As I know, this studio is especially focus on the interracial sex category, which most of the scenes was between a Japanese girl and a white guy. 80% of their porn actress was JAV idol, included some...
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    Learn Japanese culture from JAV (sex as sin; sex as commerce; bath; lesbian and everything)

    Thanks @ding73ding for a great article about sex in Japanese culture. It made me think deeper in my mind and found many similar thoughts to the article mentioned. Waiting for the next article in this series. I will think more about and come back to this topic later. P/S: I think with such...
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    Everything about FC2

    I found some thread about this topic, but it seems that it can't have enough information, so I create this one. I've know the label FC2 recently and was very curious about them. So I want to know more about FC2. 1. What is FC2 and the kind movie released under FC2? I see that most of it is...
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    Paper or plastic? (she needs cosmetic surgery!)

    What's the problem with Nao Jinguji? I really want to know more about her.
  12. crazykiss

    Paper or plastic? (she needs cosmetic surgery!)

    I do not object to cosmetic surgery. I also agree that after plastic surgery, every girl is very beautiful. But in my opinion, I have little feeling about these beauties. They are beautiful, but all of the same kind of standard. Sometimes, I don't even remember their faces because I can't...
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    Idols That You Try To Get Into But Can't

    @darksider59 ... who is she, buddy? Do you know, it's a sin when you post a cute girl and don't give any information about her! :D And I totally agreed about the case of Ayumi Shinoda & Kurea Hatsumi. I don't know, the feeling when seeing their cover is good... but I can't get through their...
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    Young Yu Shinoda and the Gynecologist series JAV

    Oh, so cute. I never imagined being able to see her like this. So young and cute. Of course, from time to time, she will be attractive in many different ways. I also like Yu Shinoda. So, if you are a fan of her, why won't you open a thread to talk about her? ;) Maybe, you can start in this...
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    How to create your own AV studio and become the director/actor in Japan?

    You can take a case of studio Japornxxx ( for reference. As I know, this studio is especially focus on the interracial sex category, which most of the scenes was between a Japanese girl and a white guy. 80% of their porn actress was JAV idol, included some well-known girl...
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    Does anyone know this lady?

    Wow, thanks buddy! I don't think that I can have an exactly answer so fast. Now, I've found this movie. But... do you have more any informations about her? I try to find her with this name in sougouwiki or javlibrary, but the result is nothing. Maybe, she have an another name to appear in...
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    Does anyone know this lady?

    Hi everybody, I've watched this movie today. It was amazing, especially the lady in this. She seemed very familiar with me, and I guessed that she was a legend in MILF category, but I didn't remember her name. Althought I spent the whole night to search, but it was still nothing. So, if...
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    Do AV Idols date their co stars?

    Thanks @periph for such interesting information about Rin Sakuragi & Rina Kato. I really want to have an English sub version of the movie ABS-198 to know more about her!
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    Do AV Idols date their co stars?

    As I know, there are not many such cases. Your avatar is the one of them. Anri Okita is a rare case that have a good life after. The same with Sora Aoi. Some try to develope theirselve in another area. Saki Otsuka & Yuu Kawakami become artists. They photograph, painting, drawing and having many...
  20. crazykiss

    Why do most Jav porn stars have zero dignity?

    I can say: First: things on set are not what you see on films. There are so many ways to fake those problems or keep the actress safe. For example: use a mixture of fresh milk + egg whites instead of man's sperm in the bukkake category, use tricks of camera angle and technical assistances for...
  21. crazykiss

    Do AV Idols date their co stars?

    99% of the answer is NO. As far as I know, they are very professional. They didn't even know their co-stars until they met on set. They simply met on set, greeted and encouraged each other to do a good job. After filming, they said goodbye and did not even exchange contacts. Everything through...
  22. crazykiss

    Jav Translation Request Part 3

    Can I ask you a favour to send me this film some ways? I tried to find it such a very long time, but it did not work. From torrent to direct host. Thank you so much! Yuki Seijo & Miho Tsuno are also my favourite of all times!
  23. crazykiss

    Face vs Body

    Maybe the owner of this topic should create a poll to make thing more clearly? ;)
  24. crazykiss

    Which criteria did you use to store movies?

    Thank you guys for joining my topic! Since I'm not a collector, so I will have to take a serious consideration of what will be saved in my HDD. I though about it long ago, but it seems that I've just found the way out recently. So, this is what I got. 1. The feeling (about what you've seen) I...
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    [Info] JAV actresses comeback from retirement

    I think it's because MGStage want to do documentary gerne. And for me, girls that appear in MGStage are beautiful. But I agree they need to improve the skill of camera man to make the film better. Is there any label in JAV industry make the film a little bit more art like X-Art?
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    DMOW-066 Girl ID

    Her name is Ai Ishihara (石原あい)
  27. crazykiss

    Please help me name this idol and movie link

    Her name is Reika (麗華). But this movie is amater, so the girl's name will not be real.
  28. crazykiss

    What is the meaning of "E-Body"?

    It seems very clear from now on. Especially comments of tarmyg that make me more undertand about that statement. Thank you so much!
  29. crazykiss

    What is the meaning of "E-Body"?

    Yes, I do know there's a label called E-BODY. But beside it, this seems a standard for girls to appear in this label, or a body type that all men dream of? I don't know... So that's the reason why I want to ask you guys!
  30. crazykiss

    Any 'one and done' JAV idols you wish did more videos?

    Beside that, I think you guys should not mention about new girl (or new video) here. When the video is new, which is released around ~ 2018 to 2020, that's does not mean the JAV idol in this vid is a hidden gem or a so called "One & Done". Just introduce about girls whose have time long enough...
  31. crazykiss

    What is the meaning of "E-Body"?

    Hi guys, I always hear people, who was JAV audience, said about the word "E-body". But I don't know what it really mean in JAV industry? I also search by Google, but it seems there's nothing show the meaning exactly. Is that a body type of woman? And if yes, how many body type and what are...
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    Any 'one and done' JAV idols you wish did more videos?

    She is Kanna Kitayama. And lucky for you, she has tons of uncensored videos!
  33. crazykiss

    Any 'one and done' JAV idols you wish did more videos?

    Oh, although I don't like anal, she is EXCITING! Damn it, I couldn't find anything about her! For me, this is one of my hidden gems in JAV. I have had this movie (HAWA-040) for a long time, about 3 years, but have never found anything about her. I even posted a thread here just to ask for her...
  34. crazykiss

    are there a lot of abuses in JAV industry

    I remember a video that I watched when first learned about JAV. It was around 1998 or 2000. In this short clip, the actress was raped repeatedly until she lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital immediately. The clip was so realistic that I hardly believe it was staged or having script...
  35. crazykiss

    Is it a good idea to delete watermarked JAVs?

    That's the point. In my early years, I don't care so much about diferrent version and watermarks... But now, I deleted all the movies with Chinese watermark because of their bad quality. It's really annoying and terrible!
  36. crazykiss

    How many names does she have?

    She only has 3 names: Mai Hanano for Censored mainstream label (Moodyz, h.m.p, S1) SHIHO for Censored amater vids Mai Kuroki for Uncensored videos
  37. crazykiss

    Which criteria did you use to store movies?

    As you can see, JAV is a very big big world. I knew JAV around 1998, from the age of Chiasa Aonuma, Akira Fubuki... till now. To imagine easily, you can see it's the ice age of a dial-up internet (via phone line) with very low quality clip that have to download by kazaa or e-donkey (a p2p...
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    Anonymous Idols

    This is a very interesting topic. I especially like Ruru Aizawa and I have the same question with you guys: "Why was this girl always in AI group?". And I found that maybe AV was her part-time job and she didn't want to become a full-time actress. But I think it's a clever choice. The taste of...
  39. crazykiss

    Moms in JAV (Actual MILFs)

    I didn't know you liked her that way. I will watch out her videos for you!
  40. crazykiss

    Infos on FC2PPV actresses

    FC2 is movies from individual. So if you want to check their name, you can try this method. Go to and search with the code number
  41. crazykiss

    Series with REAL creampies?

    Many AV stars never do creampie, buddy! May be RION will be one in this group! :(
  42. crazykiss

    Favorite uncensored JAV stars

    Me too! These two girls are my favourite too!!!
  43. crazykiss

    Any fans of Rin Azuma?

    Totally agreed. I noticed her eyes at first sight, then her body. Slender but in great shape, like a sand-clock. And her eyes can tell a story!
  44. crazykiss

    Your favorite JAV actress with short hair?

    She's my favourite of all times. As I know, she quit the AV industry for such a long time. Now she was an artist. She photograph, draw, write and have many exhibitions. So amazing, huh?
  45. crazykiss

    Best active natural boobs

    Yeah, totally agreed. Not only her breast, it's the "sand-clock" curve of the body! Perfect!
  46. crazykiss

    Nao Jinguji

    So, i will raise a question: ❝What is your most favourite movie of Nao Jinguji?❞. Please share with us!
  47. crazykiss

    Nao Jinguji

    Yeap, I totally agreed with you guys. She's one of my favourite in this time. Her emotion in movies are all good. Real and very emotional.
  48. crazykiss

    Idols That You Try To Get Into But Can't

    Yeah, i totally agreed with you. I like Mio Kirishima from the old days, but not today. In the past, she was Yura Hitomi or Kaede Kyomoto in the uncensored vid. At that that, her body was not perfect like today, but it's real and emotional. Maybe, you should try!
  49. crazykiss

    Leaked (unmosaiced) vids listing (first post will be updated ad infinitum)

    Yeah, I think it's a leak version of an censored movie. The guy's already wear condom before insert to her vagina.