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  1. Blade Runner

    Experiences with JAV Stars

    These could be personal appearances, conventions, "health care" visits, etc. I'm almost certain Hitomi was at CES in Las Vegas one year. Other stars were present however I vaguely remember her.
  2. Marina Matsumoto_118267_3xplanet_Pacopacomama_082518_324.mp4

    Marina Matsumoto is the grieving widow who receives comfort.
  3. Blade Runner

    AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE)

    Anyone seen a potential list of attendees (actresses and/or studios)? My guesses are: Studio/Website DMM/R18 Talent Hitomi (Famous) Asahi Mizuno (Body #1) Aika (Millennial) Julia (Body #2) Mio Kimishima (Rising Star)
  4. Blade Runner

    Who are your JAV Bond Girls?

    Three Asian women have been cast as Bond Girls to date: Akiko Wakabayashi, Mie Hama, and Michelle Yeoh. Perhaps an Asian actress or two will be cast as Bond Girls in the next film. A Bond Girl (keeping it simple) is defined as Sexual Conquest, Main Sidekick, Femme Fatale or Sacrificial Lamb...
  5. Blade Runner

    AVN is Next Month in Las Vegas

    Julia, Hitomi Tanaka, Anri Okita, and Kaho Shibuya have been selected to represent in their booth. Your choices are limited to active JAV? English-speaking skills and performance are non-issues. My choices... Maki Tomoda Two words. Sexy woman. Asahi Mizuno She has curves...
  6. Blade Runner

    Shag, Marry, Kill

    Shag-Maki Tomada, the Return Maki Tomada already had retired when I became a JAV fan. Her filmography has a lot of bondage/rope restraint themes but it doesn't minimize the shag factor. Marry-Maki Hojo Maki Hojo is aging and it's all right with me :) My wife is being pushed by Maki Tomada...
  7. Blade Runner

    You're Studio Chief for a Day...

    You've been hired as studio chief for a day. What are your Top Three To Do items? My Top Three are the following: 1. All movies will be released with uncensored versions. Sunshine Boys/studs who can't get it up, fake creampies, fake dicks, and fake sex acts (specifically Greek) will be...
  8. Blade Runner

    Who's Your Girl?

    Choose one to Marry Date Sidepiece All three actresses must be different and active in the industry. Extra points would be their theme song and favorite line. Marry Maki Hojo because her appearance and sexyback are off the chain. Theme song is B.o.B.'s (ft. Bruno Mars) "Nothin' on You"...
  9. Blade Runner

    Naked Sushi Bar

    Anyone eat sushi off nekkid model? Yea or nay? Model will be either Japanese or Asian.
  10. Blade Runner

    Naked Sushi Bar

    Anyone eat sushi off nekkid model? Yea or nay? Model will be either Japanese or Asian.
  11. Blade Runner

    Cosplay Characters

    Reiko Kobayakawa has thrown her tiara in the Wonder Woman ring. GHPM-41 The lovely Lynda Carter.
  12. Blade Runner

    What Ever Happened To..?

    Post your fave actress who hasn't had any recent releases. I'll start with... Ren Azumi A hottie who did it all, Greek, DP, IR etc. Totally uninhibited performer.
  13. Blade Runner

    Guilty Pleasures

    Which JAV idols are your guilty pleasures? These women would throw down with the best of them. Or they remind you of someone who you were attracted to at some point. Miho Wakabayashi...
  14. GVG-240.Maki

    Maki Hojo has affair with neighbor's black husband. No watermarks.
  15. RHJ-163 Runa Sezaki SD(?)_Himecolle_2.47GB MKV File

    Video shot 480p(?) yet high quality. No watermarks.
  16. RHJ-157 Runa Sezaki SD(?)_Runa's Last Fuck_2.47GB MKV File

    Shot in 480p(?) however high quality. No watermarks.