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  1. barba

    truck or not truck

    i’m having some problems with language. if someone knows the answer to any or all of these questions, please help out. is a fire engine a truck? is a big steering wheel a truck? is an empty trailer a truck? is a recreational vehicle a truck? is a big car with the trunk open a truck? is a...
  2. barba

    english graffiti on body of jav star

    from time to time, i see jav scenes in which the naked protagonist is covered with lewd japanese writing, often with arrows pointing to her twat and unsavory pictograms added here and there. all that is fine. but if you don’t know japanese, the prurient dimension is largely lost. i suppose i...
  3. barba

    what happened to

    anyone know what happened to, a fairly straightforward general jav site with filejoker download links? all attempts to access it now are redirected to something called, apparently a torrent site. i went to “” and they said it’s just me. but they lie. what gives?
  4. barba

    how to organize your deleted jav collection

    a lot of cyber-ink has been devoted to the organization of jav collections. how to store and efficiently retrieve videos. i collect and organize these threads. there is this one: and this one...
  5. barba

    trove of sena kirari... with titles

    i realize that there is far more jav product made than is listed at javlibrary. but it is unusual (for me at least) to find many recent videos of a mainstream jav star that are not listed there. i just found a torrent with thirteen hour-long videos of sena kirari that i didn’t know existed...
  6. barba

    Happy International Women's Day

    In celebration, let's all jack off.
  7. barba

    a night to remember

    i would like a moment of silence from the membership here to commemorate the 26th anniversary of the arrest of paul reubens, better known as pee wee herman, for masturbating in an adult theatre during a showing of an X-rated film called ‘nurse nancy’. staffs should be at half… well, forget that...
  8. barba

    The Mystery of Loli Aoi Endo [solved]

    i knew a girl in kansas city she had a mole on her left… several years ago, this little loli made a big splash here at akiba-online, then promptly disappeared: in more recent times, a-o began sporting loli threads and approved lists and whatnot, but with no aoi endo/endoh/endou. i...
  9. barba

    uploadable status?

    anyone know the status of free links? for perhaps 8-10 weeks, they no longer work for me. yes, there's a pop-up that needs to be clicked. but once the links appear, they just don't work. i even registered. still no luck. do they work for you? is this a problem on my end...
  10. barba

    unreadable capchas

    does anyone else have trouble reading the capchas at i stick my monitor under a microscope that i have leftover from my days as a microbiologist, and i still can only read a small percentage of them. what gives? i understand they are purposefully meant to be an annoyance. but...
  11. barba

    10 Reasons Why I Like Japanese Girls

    i have many reasons. but ten is enough for a start. perhaps you will agree or disagree. or maybe you have your own reasons to add. anyway, in no particular order... they can make bowling balls blush. --- they impersonate vending machines. --- they wear bunny ears when serving cans...
  12. barba

    has this been done in a jav?

    i've seen videos where a condom is filled with many loads of sperm. the actress sometimes does various things with it. but i've never seen this: a girl holds a blown-up condom with a massive amount of sperm in it. somehow (either by blowing too much air into it, or pricking it with a pin...
  13. barba

    Thanks for Thread Dates-of-Origin

    unless i am mistaken, in the title of each thread, you have recently added the date of origin. this is very helpful. thanks for all.