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  1. TravelingWind

    Did anyone like Coppelion?

    it looked a mile long but was only an inch wide
  2. TravelingWind

    What games are you playing?

  3. TravelingWind

    Sex toy for blowjob simulation

    Are you talking about the fleshlight addon to a tablet?
  4. TravelingWind

    koike rina, possibly taking the AV route?

    Masters of Sex (TV Series) Season 1, Episode 4. I'll post the screen cap so you can verify i'm not pulling your leg
  5. TravelingWind

    koike rina, possibly taking the AV route?

    Well she did show her Tits in Masters of Sex..So close enough?
  6. TravelingWind

    投稿裏キング [ToukouUraKing]

    per chance a re-up?
  7. TravelingWind

    Foldable Phones and Tablets Are Around the Corner ... walls are going to be stylin'
  8. TravelingWind

    You know what sucks? Being broke

    Thanks man it really helps
  9. TravelingWind

    Porn Star Ayaka Tomoda Also A Singer :D

    Nothing like fapping to a beat~
  10. TravelingWind

    Hello to All - こんにちは

  11. TravelingWind

    You know what sucks? Being broke

    It's like every year ,the world just gets blacker and blacker ._.
  12. TravelingWind

    What Manga Are You Reading Now?

    Just got through reading all of Kiseijuu. I didn't feel like waiting for the episodes to come out. I'll probably do the same with Jojo's bizarre and Tokyo Ghoul. Uzumaki is the next on my list though that's for sure
  13. TravelingWind

    A story of loss, anguish and recovery.

    I know this feel... I had 2 TB of it and then i accidentally tripped over the power cord and "BAM" My world ended ...
  14. TravelingWind

    this site is awesome

    RDD-044 One girl specifically ALWAYS gets me going Nene Takashima Best JAV i've ever seen
  15. TravelingWind

    Windows 8

    WELP, there goes what little credibility they still had..
  16. TravelingWind

    looking for a Asian female friend in Vancouver Canada

    Try Universities and Colleges, they're chock-full of chinese international students Hope this helped
  17. TravelingWind

    Problem in masturbating

    Losing an interest in sex after ejaculation is quite normal as your body presumes that you have already fulfilled it's biological imperative ,So don't stress out too much about it. Shifting gears to the depression that's also quite normal in men due to preconceived outside notions or opinions...
  18. TravelingWind

    Underneath it all

    I guess from the beginning we all had no clue what the world was going to be like ,the only idea about what it might be was from television from depictions of pure joy to the hard rough street life of a thug but they never put what life is like in the "middle" ...The slow drag ,the stagnant pond...
  19. TravelingWind

    Can anyone recommend here good Japanese songs?

    If you dig jazz you'll love Asako Toki , If you're more into Fun Hip-Hop :Home made Kazoku (Pre-2011) stuff ,Not to say that their stuff after 2011 isn't good it's just it gets less creative and sounds like everything else on Japanese radio and lastly for ballads i suggest MISIA
  20. TravelingWind

    Need dating/life sim suggestions

    It's probably too late but for anyone else looking for good dating sims ,I suggest the rather heart-breaking tear-jerkingingly-heart-wrenching-pulling called Katawa Shoujo.
  21. TravelingWind

    Things that piss you off.

    I hate feminists with the passion of thousand white hot suns. If i was a god i'd lock them all in tarter-us and play "Show me your genitals Part 2: E=MC' non-stop
  22. TravelingWind

    Giant Statue Of Marilyn Monroe Dumped At Garbage Site in China – June 18, 2014

    Fuckin' Hilarious. You know why? Because in the end she didn't contribute anything of note, no great works that revolutionized or benefited man-kind and yet she's idolized ,you know why? (this is entirely my own opinion i speak for no one but myself) because she propagated the start of rampant...
  23. TravelingWind

    Cops crack down on porn films targeting lolicon

    Double, double, toil and trouble Fire burn and cauldron bubble Double, double, toil and trouble Something wicked this way comes The End, the end of anime.
  24. TravelingWind

    7 Tohoku women who turned to porn after earthquake

    what in the actual fuck?
  25. TravelingWind

    The Slow Adoption Of Windows 8. The Next Version Of Windows. Windows Blue. Soon ....

    That's what they get for forcing it down everyone's throats and making it extremely difficult to change I changed mine this evening to linux. :pandalaugh: FUCK MICROSOFT
  26. TravelingWind

    Troubled lives of Japan’s male porn stars

    Un-true, they're in a warmer one :cool:
  27. TravelingWind

    Hostess club staffed with AV actresses reopens in Roppongi

    i wonder if they have v.i.p. sections... :puzzled:
  28. TravelingWind

    The Differences Between Male and Female Otaku as Told by an Industry Insider

    Right there with you buddy :notagain:
  29. TravelingWind

    Japanese Man Places Ad For “Girlfriend” on Google – Nabs Himself 5 Girls at Once

    Some guys just have all the luck. I've never even had one:rainyday:
  30. TravelingWind

    Sakura Aida (あいださくら)

  31. TravelingWind

    Sakura Aida (あいださくら)

    :oy: Why is she still doing porn?
  32. TravelingWind

    How much space does your JP folder take up?

    I know this pain like no other :damsel:
  33. TravelingWind

    The Differences Between Male and Female Otaku as Told by an Industry Insider

    the guy in the first photo is living the dream. Seriously i want all of it!
  34. TravelingWind

    Japan’s “Rent-a-Boyfriend”Dispatch Service: Because Japanese Women Get Lonely Too

    :pandalaugh: The Gender War comes full circle! The twist being that females who call men who do this losers...DO IT TOO! M.Night Eat your heart out!
  35. TravelingWind

    What games are you playing?

    Borderlands 2 Not as enjoyable as the first, seriously what dumbasses idea was it to put all these twitter and facebook ads on my pause menu! really pulls me out of the game
  36. TravelingWind

    Giant Kuratas robot comes to life in Japan

    ....I hope they're just big toys...Can't wait to get the Gundam model and stroll around town
  37. TravelingWind

    [TSDV-41209] ゆうらりゆうこ/大島優子 Yuuko Oshima

    I kinda like that she's more homely....Then again i love homely asian women..
  38. TravelingWind

    UN meetings

    Every year they put this tripe out...EVERY GODDAMN YEAR ,It's fucking frustrating! and you know what's worse than the corrupt politicians who keep spamming this shit like Ryu's Hadouken? The sheep that will WILLINGLY give up they're liberty for safety against an imaginary threat ,they'll give...
  39. TravelingWind

    A month after download law, consumers spending less on music: survey

    When will draconian gov's learn? Restricting liberties in order to combat another problem not how you solve a problem ,Tsk Tsk.
  40. TravelingWind

    Morning Musume Maki Goto’s $1,000,000 AV Debut

    Former Morning Musume Maki Goto has shocked her many fans with the news that she has accepted a million dollars to appear in 2 hardcore porn movies. The 27-year-old ex-Morning Musume has signed to appear in 2 pornographic movies, having been paid 80,000,000 yen for the appearances, according...
  41. TravelingWind

    Happy 6th Birthday

  42. TravelingWind

    Japan targets illegal downloads with piracy penalties

    Look into freenet and continue downloading and hoarding ANYTHING you might ever want to watch in the future and store them on external harddrives
  43. TravelingWind

    Life-sized Dolls

    probably through a japanese middle man...I wouldn't suggest buying it if you're in the US or UK as those nations tend to hang people by the neck for possessing stuff like this
  44. TravelingWind

    Teen Commits Suicide After Seeing His Favorite Naruto Character Die

    There is so much wrong with your statement That i don't even want to bother explaining it to someone who'd spout such tripe
  45. TravelingWind

    Teen Commits Suicide After Seeing His Favorite Naruto Character Die

    I'm probably exaggerating but i'm sure it's about 3 years
  46. TravelingWind

    Teen Commits Suicide After Seeing His Favorite Naruto Character Die

    It's been out for 3-5 years, it's your own damn fault for not looking it up for yourself