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    Mature JAV torrents?

    For years on here, I often see some users put up recent mature videos and older mature videos in the downloads sections(usually with 8-12 and sometimes even 24 parts to them) that just never see to make it to the torrent section. Does anyone know where these people find the videos? I always get...
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    Is luckyshare not working for anyone else?

    I am a free user on luckyshare and for about two weeks it hasn't worked. I can get to the start download page and then the download never starts. This only happens on that site. Anyone else have this problem? I emailed luckyshare about it and never heard a word back.
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    ID this girl from ZENRA 108 person Challenger

    Can anyone help me? The first one is definitely an AV actress but the second one says she is an office lady. However, since she's in this porn video, I have some hope. Don't let the pic fool you, she has some massive titties(along with the first one). The second one's name looks like it might be...
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    Virus Warnings from ads

    I got two different virus warnings this week from various full screen ads on akiba. Is something being done about this? I'm afraid to use the site.
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    Problems with posted videos with VLC skins

    I've been having problems lately with videos on here. Twice now, when I went to view the video on windows 7 on VLC, I get this error saying my system cannot support the skin. Once this happeneds, my vlc player is basically useless and the only way to get things working again is to reinstall VLC...
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    Too many clothes/costumes in JAV

    Maybe I am weird, but am I the only one who doesn't like the excessive clothes and costumes in JAV? For me, when I watch AV, I want to you know, actually see the girls bodies. Costumes are fine as long as they are taken off quickly. There's probably atleast a few videos a day that I would want...
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    My story aka finding online girls in japan

    I thought I'd tell you guys some of my story with Japan. If you are interested in Japan and want to find girls, this is your post. This is long, so yeah. I've been to japan 4 times now and am going there permanently soon to work. I went there on a big group the first time and was fortunate...
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    Older videos

    Can anyone give me a website(Japanese or English) on where I can find out information about older videos and actresses? DMM is not really good for anything past 10 years or so. I also thought I should mention that in Japan, there are very few videos available. I did see one 8000 yen VHS at...