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    Ryushare Promotion (suspended)

    So when will people upload to ryushare again?
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    Ryushare Promotion (suspended)

    It's back! Finally! I think the 1 year free idea was a great idea and might help to restore ryushare. Otherwise, it would be dead without it. Hoping people get back to upping on ryu soon, as i haven't gotten any JAV since it went down.
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    Ryushare Promotion (suspended)

    The site was down a few weeks ago, I believe with a similar error for a few hours only. As mentioned above, the message displayed says its an error with the database. I have no knowledge though, so it could mean totally nothing. I'd expect a "page cannot be displayed" message if the site was...
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    Slimedog's Lesbian JAV (no ID request allowed)

    Could someone reupload this please? Eren Joe and Aki together is a dream come true.
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    Fleshlight sex toy

    They are okay but I much prefer sex sleeves. It's basically a soft rubber type of sock you put on your dick. It feels great and is 100x better than my hand.
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    Mature JAV torrents?

    For years on here, I often see some users put up recent mature videos and older mature videos in the downloads sections(usually with 8-12 and sometimes even 24 parts to them) that just never see to make it to the torrent section. Does anyone know where these people find the videos? I always get...
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    searching for best mature porn star

    Fumie Tokikoshi, Eren Joe, Aki Tomosaki, Madoka Wakatsuki, Miki Sawaguchi, Takiko Yuzawa, Natsuko Kayama, Nachi Kurosawa, Miki Fujino and Masami Hirao.
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    Is luckyshare not working for anyone else?

    I am a free user on luckyshare and for about two weeks it hasn't worked. I can get to the start download page and then the download never starts. This only happens on that site. Anyone else have this problem? I emailed luckyshare about it and never heard a word back.
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    holiday in tokyo

    Give Roppongi, bars or clubs a try and just start chatting up chicks you see. The more you try, the better chance you have.
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    Discussion about DMM website

    So whats the latest on DMM? It appears their English site is done but yet, we still can't search for titles on What in the hell is it with DMM? Maybe they oughta just write, "We Hate Foreigners" on their main page and get it over with.
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    Purging my collection

    You're gonna regret it and you will never get it back(and I mean it as stuff outside of 3 months gets harder to find by the month). I never understood why people do this stuff.
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    The working life of AV actresses

    I dunno, but they probably don't work as hard as most japanese have to on a daily basis with their 6 day work weeks and long shifts.
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    The working life of AV actresses

    What exactly is the liver damage from? If it's drinking, you can't blame that on AV.
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    Idols with the longest careers

    Natsuko Kayama, who looks as good as ever, started in 1989 and is still going strong. Yumi Kazama is probably the winner for consistency. She started in 1997 and hasn't really taken a break. She also has the record for most AV appearances. Miki Sawaguchi returned in 2012 after starting in 1996.
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    Looking for Extreme Gokkun > Cum Puking

    It wasn't much or anything and it was only once for a couple of seconds. Pretty sure its Julia.
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    Looking for Extreme Gokkun > Cum Puking

    Julia or Hitomi did it in their DASD Gokkun film. I think it was Julia.
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    Discussion about DMM website

    DMM finally removed the region detours??? :grassdance: Has anyone tried a monthly subscription from DMM? For a huge collector like myself having one of those subscriptions would be a dream.
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    JAV Hooked But Starting Over?

    Any kind except a store brand should be okay. Sony, Verbatim, HP, Memorex, etc are all fine.
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    JAV Hooked But Starting Over?

    I recommend just buying more drives if yours fills up. Wait until Black Friday though if you can. I got at 3TB one for $120. Another option is just buying dvd's to put them on. It will only run you $20-$25 for a 100 pack and you can fit 500GB total with 100.
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    What Happens to Japanese Porn Stars After They Retire?

    I'm just guessing but most of them probably end up marrying and having kids. Some do hit the soaplands like Miki Sawaguchi but I'm sure most become housewives like most women in Japan.
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    Topless sumo

    If you like thicker girls, or girls with mass, it is truly the glory days now. Tons of hot ones like Yukari Orihara, Mio Sakuragi, Natsuko Kayama and others out there who are just about perfect in my opinion. They have been finding some amazing women as of late and I hope it continues. There...
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    JAV Hooked But Starting Over?

    Never. Why delete it? Just don't get more if you don't want more. Especially considering that anything from a few years earlier and before is incredibly hard to find. I went to over 28 different stores in Japan and DMM and still couldn't find something I had been looking for!
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    How much do I need to maximize Japan experience?

    Well the girls cost about $100-$120 a round... Money goes fast in Japan. You can spend so much cash doing absolutely nothing without even noticing it, mainly through transportation.
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    Size of JAV Downloads

    Some of the file sizes have been ridiculous. I've even seen someone upload some Blu-Ray that went 10GB! I don't ever touch those but that would take probably 2-3 days alone. However, some of the file sizes have been very good as of late. Someone has been doing 400-500mb RVMB files and I...
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    How much do you usually pay to a whore?

    Never done it but Japan usually charges $100-$120 minimum.
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    How much do I need to maximize Japan experience?

    What exactly are you looking to do? It really makes a big difference, especially if you aren't going out of Tokyo. Bring as much as you can either way.
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    My story aka finding online girls in japan

    Oh and just to clear it up, I'm totally not just for japanese only. Tons of fine girls out there from all places.
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    Heading to Japan. Recommendations on what to do?

    Hit up the whore houses and av stores! Aside from that it really depends on where you'll be and how much cash you have. Let me tell ya, Japan ain't a fun place to be when on a budget. Feel free to PM me with more details of what you are interested in doing there if you like and maybe I can help.
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    My story aka finding online girls in japan

    Time to get the thread back on track here :) :sadomaso: Thanks for the nice support that I've been getting through PM's guys. Appreciate it!
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    My story aka finding online girls in japan

    I used every major social networking site you can think of and I used yahoo chat before the service stopped. I found a tutor and studied Japanese for 2 years. I think within the same time you could learn as much Japanese or more if you put your mind to it. I also had some help in meeting...
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    My story aka finding online girls in japan

    I'm not going to respond to the troll stuff. If you don't believe me, then there's no point in discussing this with me any further. However, if you don't believe me, I have no reason to believe you either on your korea story. Touche. We are on a japanese porn site and you are going to ask me...
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    Becoming A Japanese Citizen

    I used to live in Japan for a brief period of time and would strongly recommend not moving to Japan. Yes, the girls, the AV and the entertainment is fun, but that is such a small portion of life there. I found that I had little time or money to do any of the fun stuff. So basically, I was...
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    Discussion about DMM website

    Does anyone know if you can buy monthly subscriptions to studios on DMM from outside of japan? I think its sad that a website had to be made just to access the original version of DMM. Japanese people just don't get how stupid some of their rules are.
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    Learning Japanese is tough~

    Japanese for Busy People plus a tutor will get you up to speed in no time. Don't worry about the kanji until you are ready for it though.
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    My story aka finding online girls in japan

    Well, I just took trips there and did live there for a little bit, but I prefer visiting Japan instead of living there. Just to show how easy this can be done, I have a friend who is pretty much the same and usually sets up 1-2 dates a trip. He had two set up last time and ended up getting a...
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    My story aka finding online girls in japan

    Don't believe me if you don't want. I'll live whether you do or don't. Don't bother replying, because I won't read it :) Next topic.
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    My story aka finding online girls in japan

    There's a million hot girls in japan, just have to be outgoing and go for it. There's also pornstars at all of the sex places. To update this, last time I went on an extended trip to Japan, I set something up like 12 dates with 12 different girls(3 were models too, but two pulled out and one...
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    Discussion about DMM website

    I bought from DMM before but totally regret it. The video I bought didn't have the rights to play on any other pc and for me was therefore a waste of time. I used a VISA card and had no problem buying from there, but I was in Japan at the time. You guys have to understand. Japan does not...
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    How to Buy from DMM/DMM.R18 (including foreigners)

    Do the monthly subscriptions work under this too? Those give you 1000's of movies for one monthly price.
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    Who are some of your favorite girls with short careers?

    She's not retired. There's a new video with her out.
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    ID this girl from ZENRA 108 person Challenger

    Can anyone help me? The first one is definitely an AV actress but the second one says she is an office lady. However, since she's in this porn video, I have some hope. Don't let the pic fool you, she has some massive titties(along with the first one). The second one's name looks like it might be...
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    Will someone please give Noa a sandwich

    Japan does have an anorexia fetish. I've seen them call girls who were 120lbs fat. Their version of thin is our version of almost dead.
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    truth behind das 500 series

    I like the series but yes, atleast some of it is fake. In one of the scenes I could see the guy wearing a condom through the blur but somehow he still managed to shoot a load.
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    Virus Warnings from ads

    I got two different virus warnings this week from various full screen ads on akiba. Is something being done about this? I'm afraid to use the site.
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    ban image sites with popups/linkbucks etc

    Can a rule be made so people have to upload images to the actual akiba forum/site instead of other sites?
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    Over-weight Women

    I think it would also be a good time to mention japan's definition of fat vs usa's definition. I've seen alot of girls that would be considered normal in the usa that are called fat or chubby in japan.
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    Lower quality with smaller filesize VS. Higher quality with bigger filesize

    I prefer the smaller file size when possible. The difference for me between getting something that is 1GB and 2GB could be hours. It also makes it harder to get when the seed isn't brand new anymore, as people stop sharing it.
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    What can Western porn learn from JAV?

    For me, I think JAV can learn more from Western porn. There's so many movies where I say, if this were made in the US, it would be a hundred times better. I'm not even talking about censors here. JAV learning from US: - Girls actually you know, getting naked in films. - Better...
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    Weirdest/Most Bizarre JAV You've Enjoyed

    I think there is a huge difference from the most bizarre JAV I've seen and one I've enjoyed.