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    Your most memorable movie.

    So, what's your most memorable movie? Not the best movie you've ever seen. The most memorable one. For me, it'd be a tie between Jurassic Park and Braindead. Jurassic Park because it left me in a gaping awe as I saw it in the cinema as a kid, and Braindead because it made almost roll on the...
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    Permanent forum shutdown.

    I regret to inform you that the brittish government has exposed chompy, the admin and owner of this forum, as a criminal. This means the forum will be shut down very soon, and will remain down indefinitely; how long depends on chompy's sentence. Another unfortunate thing is that the forum...
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    Net Neutrality

    Network neutrality. Since it's all in the wiki link, I'm gonna keep it short. Net neutrality; are you for it or against it? State your reasoning for the sake of discussion.
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    Imagining the Tenth Dimension

    Part 1 JkxieS-6WuA Part 2 ySBaYMESb8o This is interesting stuff.
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    What's your screen resolution?

    What screen resolution do you use? Multiple choices if you have more than one display/computer and use a different res on that one.
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    Join us on IRC

    Why not do something useful with your internet, and idle with us in our IRC channel? Come join us at #shibuyabashi. (Rizon) Let's all idle together. And since most of our staff members also idle there pretty much 24/7, you'll be able to contact us much faster, should you need it. Here's...
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    What's your MMO addiction?

    Yeah.. What's your game? You play WoW 'til the early hours every day? Does PSU rape your schedual? Have your soul been corrupted by maple story? Does RO dominate your life? I myself play Guild Wars and PSU on and off. Come post here, so that we might organize or syncronize our addictions.
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    Afro Samurai

    Those two words together just CANNOT fail! See for yourself: Fs9V17MrBbY How is that not awesome? This one is high on my list of stuff I want.
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    Help us Grow!

    Our current memberbase is pretty small. This is because the forum has only been up and running for a very short time. And because of that, there isn't much activity around here yet, as you may have noticed. We need your help to spread the word of this forum, so that we may reach greatness...
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    For porn

    Yes, the internet is for porn. But what kind of porn do you prefer? Edit: Actual discussion is also encouraged.
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    Grazing with my presence

    Now introducing myself as a member of this expansive forum. I will be dumping torrents I've shamelessly stolen from other places later on. Mostly anime. Obeying/worshipping me is as of yet optional. So, hi.