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    The Best Years

    In your opinion what time frame do you consider the best in idol production of content? ie... videos, photos, idols From what i remember i think 2005-2007 was a prime period of content.
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    Kodi Add Ons

    Does anyone know if there are *working* jav stream idol streams for Kodi jav pop still works well if you like the j pop music Jav Streams which could be a gold mine seems to be dead, as all censored uncensored jav and recent gravure sections lead to ded links and thats too bad cause the...
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    So i was wondering about somethings that maybe a person much smarter than me could shed some light on. Since my assumption is most Japanese seem to be rather cold toward westerners, primarily Americans (my assumption) Are idol, gravure videos made for a primary audience of Japanese? I can...
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    The simpilest of simple questions

    Are gravure and or u-15 idols under contract and work exclusively for that label and or labels under that production company? Or, are they free lanced and work for whomever they would like to? I can venture to guess its the former and not the latter, but i wondered about this awhile now. Its...
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    I think i would cry if...

    I ever lost my Kumi Tomita torrent downloads, to name one. What do you find that you view as invaluable, and would never want to lose?