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    Did Sakura Aida ever rim a guy?

    ... if so in which movie? I can't remember but I think someone mentioned here she did lick ass in one movie. Thanks.
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    How do you organize your JAV collection

    I only have avis or wmv vids. I do name all files like: Actress - Title [code], such as "Chihiro Hasegawa - Gothic Lolita with Semen Vol.3 [GHD-003]". I have alot of data DVDs and it's always a pain in the ass to find a single movie, because there are mostly 3 on one DVD. I tried to put...
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    Oral Pleasures in Asia

    Hey, is rimming in Japan as common as in JAV? Do japanese girls just like to do it, or is it just some asian guys issue? In China it's on the menu of every working girl (well at least in saunas). And some girls would rather lick your ass than take your cock in her mouth. Is it the same in...