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    Spectacular Norway Northern Lights. 2 Videos.

    All that plasma; neutrons, protons, neutrinos all together, coming from our sun, interacting with all particles of oxygen in the upper layers of the atmosphere just on the edge, between the space, and where we are. All this, is also called, for short " Fire In The Sky " Please...
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    Kim Dotcom says Mega offer free 50 Gb per user.

    The bet is controversial creator of Megaupload of the strongest that have been made in the Network in a while, and threatens to sweep the cloud storage sector, if it is finally confirmed announcements of its creator, leaving a situation delicate frankly platforms today are reference...
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    Photos from Japan

    If true, I've eaten the point. $ 48 million is a lot of money. Apologies.
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    Photos from Japan

    ... yea... .... just yea. This Mercedes Benz SL600 diamond - covered with diamonds and Swarovski crystals at a cost of $ 48 million. Its owner is the Prince Al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia.
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    Samsung Shows Flexible Displays For Mobile Phones Called " Youm " At CES 2013.

    The Korean company also wanted to show us their progress flexible displays for mobile devices. In prototype form, different designs have been teaching us show what you can do with the type of panels that are developing all under the name " Youm ". The technology is used in OLED...
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    URGENT: An Unresolved JAVA Vulnerability Compromises Our Security In Internet.

    Vulnerability " zero-day " unresolved found in the latest version of Java is being massively exploited compromising the safety of our teams. The issue is of such importance that from many quarters advised disable or uninstall JAVA, or existing plugin for browsers, until Oracle does...
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    Develop a fanless cooling system for laptops

    If you think that does not work, send them an email, and tell your personal opinion. Greetings.
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    FISA: U.S. law allows Europeans to spy through the cloud .....

    At the end of 2012 we told you about the renewal of the FISA law in the United States a regulation that gives intelligence agencies the ability to spy on the country's citizens without warrants. Now, after a report to the European Parliament, has warned that the law also authorizes...
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    The Slow Adoption Of Windows 8. The Next Version Of Windows. Windows Blue. Soon ....

    Time will tell if they like or dislike. Be personally after almost 22 years of managing computers, do not like anything at all this windows 8. Greetings
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    LOVEPOP (Photo)&(Movie)

    WOW .... Lovepop Galleries Again .... Nice.
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    The Slow Adoption Of Windows 8. The Next Version Of Windows. Windows Blue. Soon ....

    Through various sources of companies dedicated to data analysis is determined that Microsoft is in serious trouble. The adoption of Windows 8 is much slower than expected. To date, the market share of the new operating system fails 2% and is under Windows Vista the version most...
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    From Canonical. The New Ubuntu OS Mobile .... Do You Seduces Ubuntu?

    New year, new surprise for everyone. Mark Shuttleworth has made the official announcement of Ubuntu OS phone from London, it is an operating system based on the same kernel of Android which also uses the same drivers and can be installed on any device with X86 or ARM architecture...
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    Happy New Year 2013

    A year more, and all around here again. Health And Happy 2013
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    Beautiful Tokyo - Japan. Evening On The Last Fast Camera. ( Time Lapse ) 2012

    A beautiful HD video in fast camera ( Time Lapse ) of this enormous and incredible city of Tokyo - Japan. Pressing the HD button, bottom right the images will be incredibly sharp. When this button is activated, you must put " HD ON " in the center of the screen. If you have an...
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    UFOs Orbiting Around Our Sun ??? 1 Video Clip.

    Very big activity of UFOs near the sun. December 21, 2012. NASA SOHO STEREO ahead and behind (EUVI 195) These many UFO near our sun are real unidentified objects. Abbreviation U.F.O means: Unidentified Flying Object. 2USbNynuU2I?rel=0
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    Nintendo Wii U puts his service of television with TVii

    Nintendo debuts today in the U.S. with one of his strongest bets associated with the output of the Wii U. The screen remotes had a more reserved role Brink asymmetrical and TVii service output in the U.S. it goes a step further to set. TVii is the expected arrival of the...
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    the pirate bay

    The Google search engine through its search engine offers a proxy to continue entering piratebay. If we write in the search, piratebay .... shows a proxy address. Greetings
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    Photos from Japan

    Well, is the same, do not worry, no problem none.
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    Photos from Japan

    Aquamarine See if one of these days, when you can is to photograph the sky tree tower inside to know what there from inside the tower. WHEN YOU CAN. Thank you very much.
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    The Chinese Genius Will Be At CES 2013 In Las Vegas Its First Touch Mouse 6000

    The Touch Mouse 6000 Genius, first touchpad of the company, will be passed by the stand of the brand in the next CES in Las Vegas. This device, with Windows 8 between the eyes will set different gestures to control the new operating system from Microsoft. Genius, like other...
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    NASA insists that Curiosity is on Mars.

    Sometimes it seems that some people do not appreciate the work of NASA. They accomplish things that no one in the history of mankind had done before, and in return receive conspiracy theories say they are cheating us only for political purposes. That must be why, whom to take the...
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    Develop a fanless cooling system for laptops

    Who has not wanted to get rid of the fans in a laptop? There are times when these sound so strong that everything seems to go off the laptop. And that is when a new computer is still can endure, but as you grow months and the interior is dusty efficiency plummets. Well, this week...
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    Twin spacecraft will crash into the Moon on Monday

    NASA puts an end to the mission of two scientific probes after spending a year exploring what lies beneath the surface of the satellite The U.S. Space Agency (NASA) plans to crash two small twin scientific probes on the Moon next week after spending a year exploring what lies...
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    Missing 7 days for an end an era of 5135 years .... blah blah blah

    Missing 7 days for an end an era of almost 5135 years, and begin a new one with another 5350 years ahead. Wishing us all, prosperity, health, new projects and many events to a future increasingly close. Moreover, it has already begun to follow it but humans live in such a hurry, they...
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    North Korea Launches Rocket

    " In the distance are starting to sound the trumpets of battle. " :shiver:
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    UFO crash reported off Japan coast sparks media interest

    This will be something related to the missile launched by North Korea?
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    Wristwatch Casio G-SHOCK GB6900AA

    I talked to him a year ago in other forums, but now Casio is introducing the availability of its new G-Shock resistant watch in which we highlight the possibility of matching the device with iPhones through Bluetooth connectivity using the clock. The Casio G-Shock GB6900AA allows that...
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    Runbo X5. Rugged Android Smartphone With Walkie-Talkie UHF 5 Watts And Waterproof.

    The Chinese are not stopping .... and leaving them to get a good receiver HF ( shortwave ) with RDS and Digital TV ( DTV ) incl. Some photos of this phenomenon. In a fishbowl Hold the sand, and not grating " If you shower, do not drown." The...
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    The celebrated " Skyfall " ( James Bond 007 ) is full of errors.

    Although it claims to be the best Bond movie filmed until date as any other film, " Skyfall " also contains errors. In the portal Movie Mistakes, the film viewers of this movie number 23 of the James Bond, they found nothing more or less than 24 errors in this film. Some are just a...
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    This Is A Traktor With b21et Engine From Volvo 240 Turbo. 2 Video Clips.

    " These are the toys they have in Sweden." Traktor Racing Volvo Terror 9yHl24QynOM?rel=0 Other Video Clip. Greetings
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    UN meetings

    Our privacy, intimacy, will be lost completely now with Windows 8 also. Greetings
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    Preparations for the next news all over the planet Mars from NASA.

    Chances are that since NASA will not say that there is life on Mars but that life, cellular, microbial, bacterial, will be pretty special and very different from how we know it on this planet called Earth. Gases on Mars are poisonous to humans, such as methane, nitrogen, and the most...
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    Metal Object On Mars. Curiosity Rover.

    Yes Could be. Anything can be. Lol
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    Metal Object On Mars. Curiosity Rover.

    Well, do not say it too high, lest the U.S. government get kidnapped, and you interrogen, and they will want to know how you've been on Mars, without them knowing anything. Lol
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    Could Hurricane Sandy Be Weather Modification At Work ?

    Hurricane Sandy is being described as the ¡Èworst storm in 100 years¡É and will possibly mutate to super-storm status once it combines with a polar air mass over the eastern United States enabling it to cause widespread damage and chaos but how convenient is the timing of this...
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    Opposite Behaviors ? Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks, Antarctic Grows

    September 2012 witnessed two opposite records concerning sea ice. Two weeks after the Arctic Ocean's ice cap experienced an all-time summertime low for the satellite era, Antarctic sea ice reached a record winter maximum extent. But sea ice in the Arctic has melted at a much faster...
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    A study shows that the size of the screens is increasing .....

    A study shows that the size of the screens is increasing except in tablets and laptops A new study from NPD DisplaySearch today shows that on average the diagonal size of LCD and other displays on electronic devices and public signboards is on the rise, with the notable exception of...
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    Want to see and know what the inside the GOOGLE search engine ?

    Here you have some photos, slides that can be go from right to left, or as one wishes, comment on what is being viewed on the bottom. To enjoy the photos inside the GOOGLE search engine It's just huge Greetings
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    The dual screen notebook ASUS Taichi. About $ 1,300

    The ASUS Taichi, portable Windows 8 tablet becomes has also begun to go the hallway to the end to take the windows worldwide by the end of October. In the U.S. and can book this curious hybrid screen has two fully functional 11.6-inch 1080p each. The basic model, with Core i5, 4 ​​GB RAM...
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    ViewSonic Intros Dual-Point Optical Touch LED Display

    This two-point touch display from ViewSonic will arrive just in time for Microsoft's launch of Windows 8. On Wednesday ViewSonic introduced its latest touch-enabled LED-lit display, the 22-inch TD2220. Shipping later this month, it will be equipped with advanced dual-point optical...
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    Metal Object On Mars. Curiosity Rover.

    " Apparently in NASA, get bored from time to time and to fun, dedicated to manipulate some photos then saying that you see in the picture, can be anything but normal." " Here you have a picture, it seems that is manipulated as this is seen, at best is a stone more, but changed color...
  42. Korean PornStar Asa Akira - Ten times Toe Equals Footy.

    Format: FULL HD Res: 1080p File: WMV Video: Windows Media Video 9 1920x1080 29.97fps 8000kbps Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 128kbps Size: 334.2 Mb DOWNLOAD from DEPOSITFILES Greetings
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    Oh My God. At 30 meters from an erupting volcano.

    This is not the latest Hollywood movie or a video that have been added visual effects. What we see in the video, are the amazing pictures of the approach of an expedition team into an erupting volcano on Ambrym volcano crater in Australia. An incredible decision where we see a group...
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    48÷2(9+3) = ?

    There are some simple equations that give erroneous results but they are implemented correctly. Apparently this is one of them. Lool. Greetings.
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    Firefox OS has a great opportunity.

    A few days ago, showed the world his advances Firefox OS, operating system, mobile web, in a video sayvery casual. What can we do there? A standard mobile operating system running on a standard smartphone which looks like the interface and user experience are generally sufficient...
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    Photos from Japan

    Thanks to aquamarine, all we can not visit Japan someday we will know little by little, with great pictures.
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    Do You Want To Visit The Planet Mars?. Take A Look At All These Photos.

    Mars is a dead planet, a planet is fossilized. A great desert of spherical shape, with large amounts of all kinds of gases less oxygen, which is the main gas, for life to exist anywhere in the universe. That oxygen can be in three different ways, liquid, gaseous or solid. The...
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    Panasonic's 145-inch 8K TV

    These are the first, most come with higher resolutions. It will sell, 21:9 monitors for portable or PC.
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    Windows 8 Tells Microsoft About Everything You Install

    The trouble with the Windows 8 is that the squares or rectangles comprising its new interface called METRO need to be connected to the Internet whenever to work. Anything that is done in this operating system Microsoft Windows 8 the owners, will know at all times that make each user...