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    AKI TOMOZAKI & other AV actress's
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    AV idol Rion appears in stunning nude lesbian photo shoot with newcomer Nanami Matsumoto November 29, 2017 by Tadashi Anahori Hot Hot Hot Rion at her best with Nanami !!! Taken from Tokyo Kinky Japan One of our favorite Japanese porn stars, Rion, has joined forces with a newcomer on the adult...
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    KABUKICHO Lesbian hooker service in Kabukicho targets foreign girls BY AMY TAKAHASHI The results of a market study released in April by advertising firm Dentsu indicated that the contribution to the consumer market in Japan by sexual minorities, which comprise 7.6 percent of the population...
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    Extreme Lesbian love

    Nao Masaki is the new fav. of mine as an actress/Director of extreme LezLove AV she act & direct.
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    JAPAN JAV Artist on Netflix amazing lesbian scenes

    Kiko Mizuhara’s amazing nude lesbian sex scenes in Netflix movie Ride or Die April 16, 2021 by Tadashi Anahori NETFLIX continues to invest in ambitious and provocative Japanese dramas and take content risks no mainstream broadcaster in the country would dare. After its wild success with the...
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    21-year-old Japanese woman arrested for stalking woman in her seventies February 16, 2021 by Tadashi Anahori Beauty and the eyes of the beholder. Come on, you know the score by now. But even so, this has got to be one of the stranger tales of talking in Japan that we’ve heard about. Earlier...
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    My favorite AV star Reiko Kobayakawa

    She is fresh, still young act beautifully and some of her lesbian sessions are sensational !!! watch: TMHK-018 TMHK-053
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    ADU-03 Mature Woman

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    A Japanese nurse make porn debut !!!

    Osaka nurse makes porn debut after getting 10,000 Twitter followers January 12, 2021 by Tadashi Anahori People sometimes make outrageous claims on social media, and don’t always follow through. But This Japanese lady apparently wasn’t lying. The nurse and purported influencer claimed that she...
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    BBAN Lesbians

    Two of My Favorite AV star
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    How have Rara Anzai’s breasts changed over the years of her career? September 16, 2020 by Tadashi Anahori Despite switching names on multiple occasions, Rara Anzai (aka Rion, aka Shion Utsunomiya) remains one of the most popular adult video stars in Japan. She matches an angelic face with...
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    SOD land Tokyo

    From: Tokyo Kinky A visit to SOD Land, Tokyo’s porn theme park bar complex that is surprisingly hygienic December 4, 2020 by Tadashi Anahori These days, we aren’t going out much, but we might be persuaded to make an exception here. Tokyo Weekender published a photo report on the recently...
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    NSPS-173 Studio Nagae Style The Best Lesbian Compilation VOL.2 - Passionate Kisses Compilation -
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    Fake Mother’s Milk Lubricant replicates texture of breast milk, comes in feeding bottle November 9, 2020 by Tadashi Anahori Bring those lactation and pregnancy fetishes to rich adult life in one easy bottle, thanks to the Fake Mother’s Milk Lubricant. The name is as honest and straightforward...
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    JOSHI PURORESU Japanese women's wrestling

    Joshi Puroresu Beginner’s Guide To Joshi Puroresu This is a new thread I am starting in line with my interest in Lesbian Japan ie: 80% of these wresters are Young Girls & they are all Lesbian, they are not allowed to have Boyfriend while on training, few have Girl Friends. What is Joshi...
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    AKIBA Point award

    How Akiba award point to a member? who is the editor or in-charge of this forum
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    Carmilla magazine for lesbian only

    Carmilla scans Carmilla Japanese Tour Guides Cute Girls in Osaka Punk Butch Couple Femme Couple Carmilla magazine focuses largely (almost exclusively) on lesbian/gay/trans clubbing hot spots and events. The tour guides shown above are available to take tourists–or locals–on trips around...
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    SOD LAND Open 10th. oct. 2020

    SOD land Here are some pictures from when the site opened to the public on October 10. People were lining to get in, despite the pre-typhoon rainy weather. The “silent bar” on the top floor is the sexiest room in the building, since porn stars lounge around in bikinis while customers...
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    SOD's new Tokyo venture An Adult Theme Park

    Tokyo Kinky Sex by: Tadashi Anahori Tokyo Adult Theme Park by SOD The Weekly Playboy bar in Kabukicho was a big success back in 2017. We were reminded of it — and how few chances there are to encounter the adult industry in a bricks-and-mortar setting other than just a shop in the likes of...
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    AV Star as prostitute

    Japanese AV star are moonlighting as prostitute in Taiwan by Mark Kelly Japanese AV starlets are moonlighting as prostitutes Japan’s adult video (AV) stars appear to be increasingly looking overseas, specifically China and Taiwan, to offset a domestic industry that continues to shrink. Rumors...
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    Some hot new Jav poster

    Few hot video covers: !!!
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    Spa resort for lesbian prey

    A Spa Resort That’s A Cruising Spot For Lesbians -Lesbians Prey On Women Who Came Not Knowing The Spa Was A Meeting Place For Lesbians- Movies Details: ID:HUNTA-082(HUNTA082) Release Date: Nov. 26, 2015 Runtime:166min. Director:Endo Amazon Channel:Hunter Label:HHH Group Series:—- Stars: Aizawa...
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    Lesbian oil massage new number one

    IENE-245 WANZ-678 LZBS-046 PTS-212 HAVD-977 PTS-229
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    Actress Rin Asuka takes softcore porn career to next level with lesbian foursome sex scene July 23,

    Tadashi Anahori Tokyo Kinky The beautiful Japanese actress Rin Asuka (飛鳥凛) graduated from Kamen Rider W to wild lesbian and threesome sex scenes in White Lily in 2017. Now she's gone even further -- with a foursome scene in the film The Woman Who Keeps a Murderer (Satsujinki o kau onna...
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    For tits lovers a 10 JAV cover list

    As a lover of jav & large beautiful tits of young Japanese girls a list of 10 to enjoy!!!