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  1. UrufuBlue

    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    Kotone Fuyue takes such good care of us :malu:
  2. UrufuBlue

    Yandere Themed Jav?

    Hey has anybody found any Yandere themed jav? I found a lesbian jav a while back where one of the girls was obsessed with her roommate and either drugging her or keeping her sick and taking advantage of her while she was asleep and was clearly supposed to be like a crazy obsessed girl with a...
  3. UrufuBlue

    [AMWF]Asian Male White Female Reference List

    HUSR-095 is the best thing I've seen in ages, amazingly hot Romanian girl
  4. UrufuBlue

    Name the currently most beautiful AV Idol. Surprise Me.

    This is an easy one if where going off most beautiful not like hottest or cutest it's Yua Mikami + one of the few girls who looks better in videos than on covers. Kan/shiori yamate is up there too
  5. UrufuBlue

    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    Is that Mimi tomboy video out yet?? Where can I find it. Any other good tomboy videos around?
  6. UrufuBlue

    Recommend Fighting Anime (Like Baki the Grappler)

    Thanks for the recommendations I'll look into Kenichi I've heard of it before but haven't really checked it out, Berserk is great and I like Yu yu hakusho and might check out ikki tousen too haha
  7. UrufuBlue

    Recommend Fighting Anime (Like Baki the Grappler)

    Alright I need some help finding a new fighting/martial arts/sports anime series in line with Baki the Grappler, DBZ, Hajime no Ippo, Fight of the North Star, etc... you know the formula, characters get stronger as they constantly face off against new enemies lots of fights and manliness. Trying...
  8. UrufuBlue

    Links killed Grrr

    links please