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  1. [ICDV-30240] Nozomi Hoshino 星野希 - のぞみのアイランド Nozomi Island

    [ICDV-30240] Nozomi Hoshino 星野希 - のぞみのアイランド Nozomi Island no watermark 712x480 30fps m4v 1:15min 1.1GB no watermark
  2. [ICDV-30138] Runa Sakurai 桜井瑠菜 - ルナティックドール Lunatic Doll

    I couldn't find an English title, so this is automatically translated. If you have a better translation, I will fix title. File type: MP4 Size: 1.24; GB 720x480 Runtime: 1:21:46 no watermarks
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    [BKOH-012]ホントノコハル 西野小春 Koharu Nishino(24GBBDiso+720/1080m4v)

    Torrent in post 1 does not appear to be seeded, here is a watermarked torrent. 4.67GB 1080 mp4, with watermarks in certain scenes. My computer can't play a 1080 without VLC locking up, so screens of what I got.
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    [PEACH-032D] 桃色聖春女学園 卒業温泉Tフロント合宿編 後編

    recently completed, adding missing covers.
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    [PEACH-015D] 桃色聖春女学園 温泉Tバック合宿編

    recently completed adding missing covers
  6. [ICDV-30188] Runa Sakurai 桜井瑠菜 - キミのことが気になるな

    Info copied from: Torrent originally from here, I see nothing in archives. M4V is complete, there is an iso in this torrent but only 31.7% complete, so only get the m4v. Remember the iso...
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    [IMPM-019] - ひとりじめ Part2 - Miruku Kawamura (河村みるく)

    Downloading this one now, must have missed, two seeders atm.
  8. [DGFBD-001] Seina Tsurumaki 鶴巻星奈 - 水着物語 ~マレーシア旅行編~BD

    First time starting a post, found this torrent in the wild, so copying title from idol dvd & bluray downloads thread. The iso isn't fully seeded all other files are. Appears this torrent is originally from here, although I cant find the post. Title: 水着物語 ~マレーシア旅行編~BD Actress(es): 鶴巻星奈 Seina...