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Ceewan, May 10, 2016
    • SecretPal
      Slaveholders deny your economic freedom, lie to you, take everything for themselves & then fuck you in the ass ... that makes Obama the world's largest slaveholder.
    • Death Metal
      Is this historically true? That blacks kept slaves? I'm not saying it's untrue but I'm kind of skeptical of many things being said today...
    • jjjjeczalik
      @Death Metal The point is that slavery was a universal thing in humanity's past. Every civilization, at some point, had enslaved people. Africa wasn't some lush utopia before the arrival of the Europeans; they had wars, genocides, slavery, just like everywhere else. As a matter of fact, there is slavery in Africa today (and I'm not talking about deBeers).
    • SecretPal
      This whole debate stems from the "white guilt PC" movement put into our school systems by liberals who need to polarize blacks into a victim class so they will never succeed. Black immigrants from West Africa see opportunity and exceed the national income average and have low crime rates. The ones who have 11 trillion in Great Society benefits, anti-discrimination employment subsidies, etc have become a disaster. There is no such polarization in South America between blacks and whites. America is an ever changing landscape. Most white Americans came here in the immigration wave in the early 1900's, but hey are the ones paying for this continuing scam.
    • Smoothly
      Black slave owners didn't have slaves because they were black, Native American slave owners didn't have slaves because they hate Native Americans and Asian slave holders did not have slaves because they hate Asians. None of these groups saw their own people as deserving of being subjugated simply because of skin color. It was usually some economic/cast system or the result of conquest, war or religion. People make a habit of pumping up our own egos by stepping on others, a very human trait. White people have targeted all other races as a group or individually for this purpose. I don't feel guilty, but I do feel embarrassed when others in my country and of my race pretend we did nothing wrong because someone else did something bad. Someone else's thievery doesn't make you an honest person. Institutionalized slavery has always been bad, in every culture. In our case the slavery was race specific. We are white they are black, that made them slaves. Except for the Native Americans we took as slaves, the ones we didn't murder or starve to death.
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    • Casshern2
      @Death Metal Yes, please keep in mind that the slaves BOUGHT and brought to America were not hunted down or otherwise captured on the way here. They were slaves already in their native African countries. They were black slaves with black slave owners who were sold to the whites. I wonder how many of the youth today understand that. Slavery was awful. History will forever record the White Man as the evil of slavery and will forever completely ignore the Black Man that put the slaves in his hands.
    • Smoothly
      Now you want to pretend white people never hunted black people to make them slaves? What's next? Rich people always earn their money?
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