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Who are your Top 5 JAV Idols?

Discussion in 'JAV Idols' started by StageNinja47, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. StageNinja47

    StageNinja47 Active Member

    I just wanted to ask who are your Top 5 JAV Idols? In order or as close to order that you can come too.
    Please include:
    1 ) Short reason (if possible)
    2 ) Picture
    3 ) any honorable mentions if you like ( no more than 5 )
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  2. paparoach408

    paparoach408 Active Member

    Of Currently Active ones
    1.Sakura Mana-When I first started focusing on Jav Labels, she was one of the first actresses to blow my mind.

    2.Minami Kojima-Same With Mana these two where always at the top for me because of Cuteness, and actually some ability.

    3.Tsubomi-The Third Jav Actress I ever knew(first two are long retired) in a Fa-Pro video.

    4.Elly Arai(Low because she just came back)-My actual favorite of all time, she just does everything and goes at it all the time.

    5.Meguri/Megu Fujiura

    Honorable Mention-Kana Yume, she had a slow(and bad start) but she always gives it 100% effort.
    All Pics Courtesy of the Jav Idol Gallery-http://www.akiba-online.com/group.php?groupid=11
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  3. StageNinja47

    StageNinja47 Active Member

    My 5 JAV Idols are:

    1 ) Maria Ozawa - i love her exotic hafu look. i personally think her body is amazing. I normally like bustier idols but she has the complete package. Slim body, a beautiful face, nice round ass, and soft cup cake breast that match her body type.

    2) Sora Ao - This is a super close 2nd. I think Sora Aoi is almost too perfect. I in particular love her body breast. they are the best breast i ever seen. their large/huge but not ridicules large. They have the right balance between firmness and softness. All these factors together give Sora Aoi breast with the right balance between size, shape, volume and texture. She also has a cute face and slim body. the only part that could use a little improvement is here ass. it can look flat at times.

    3) Saki Tsuji - She is super cute and has a ridicules amazing body. I also love her G cup breasts. they look amazing on her petty body.

    4) Aimi Yoshikawa - The only current active JAV idol on my list. I Love her H cup breast. Their my second pair of breast i ever seen (after Sora Aoi). i Like Aimi because she cute, has a nice body and her breast.

    5 ) Hikari Hino - The only think i have to say about Hikari Hino is that she has a ridicules body. Her body is slim and firm. She has G cup breast and an amazing ass. which is something that most busty jav idols don't have. Her face isn't pretty in the tradition sense but i think is beautiful, something about that i if really appealing. thou i can put my finger on what it is.

    My Honorable Mentions would be:
    Yua Aida, Yuma Asami,Haruka Sanada, Julia and Ameri Ichinose

    Attached Files:

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  4. Spot reserved.

    Cause apparently i gotta accumulate some pictures for this.

  5. lullaby4love

    lullaby4love Active Member

    1. Yui Matsuno (already retired now)
    2. Erika sato (already retired now)
    3. JULIA
    4. Sayuki kanno
    5. Ren Ayase

    Other : Mayuka Okada, Ruri Saijo, Anna Natsuki

    Currently new idol : aimi yoshikawa, shion utsunomiya
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  6. mcramsey

    mcramsey Member


    Just posted 20 idols in another thread.


    They made me horny easily, fapped and cum more than any other idols.

    1. Minako Konno (wonder nipples)


    2. Riko Tachibana (hott and nice tits)


    3. Haruka Sanada (Extraordinary tits)


    4. Yuma Asami (cute and nice tits)


    5. Ameri Ichinose (superhott)


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  7. rainelau

    rainelau New Member

    春菜Haruna Hana.
    尾上若葉Wakaba Onoue
    西條Ruri Saijou
    識田真子Mako Oda
    浜崎真緒Hamasaki Mao
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  8. CodeGeek

    CodeGeek Akiba Citizen

    Nice selection, rainelau. But also counts for the rest. :)
  9. chrislatinoheat619

    chrislatinoheat619 New Member

    anna natsuki
    aimi yoshikawa
    airu ooshima
    shion utsunomiya
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  10. anoname

    anoname Member

    Question about anna natsuki, has she ever make a hardcore one?
    As I'm not really into the story, I'm looking for the one she just enjoys the fuck, to the point she looks like she can't stand it anymore but the man just won't stop
  11. maldad

    maldad New Member

    1.- Minami Kojima - When I met her, i was dreaming about fuck with her.

    2.- Mao Hamasaki - Just look at that big tits.

    3.- Aino Kishi - I don't know if she makes videos, but I like her feet, she's like a little doll,
    She's also skinny i'd like to hear how her bones crush while I penetrate her vagina.

    4.- Hibiki Otsuki - Damn! i'd like to fuck her 1000 times, and her feet, oh god, so precious, I like skinny girls as you can see.

    5.- Kana Yume

    Mao Kurata - Pic talks by myself
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  12. CodeGeek

    CodeGeek Akiba Citizen

    I totally agree on Mao Hamasaki and Mao Kurata. :) Hm, so Mao means big boobs in Japanese... :D ;)
  13. maldad

    maldad New Member

    I didn't know that about Mao, she makes me cum
  14. anoname

    anoname Member

    飯岡かなこ (Iioka Kanako)
    So far she's the best girl I've found! A perfect combination of Sexy Voice and Pretty :D
    I've only watched one movie of her though (TPPN-011) and currently looking for more :D

    And can someone tell me is she's the same girl as 藤原遼子 (Ryoko Fujiwara) ? Because they look the same

    飯岡かなこ (Iioka Kanako)

    藤原遼子 (Ryoko Fujiwara)
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  15. CodeGeek

    CodeGeek Akiba Citizen

  16. shaned

    shaned Speak The Truth

    Kana yume number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

    Great fucker can ride a dick like no other. Uses the tip of her tongue to tease precum from cocks. Will rim job without hesitation.

    I just want to cum all over her ass then get a bj after.

    but that's just me.